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Can anyone recommend any good recipes or cookbooks for a one year old?

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expertinscunthorpe Tue 21-Jul-09 10:22:25

DD is 11 months and her puree days are behind her so I need to start thinking about recipes for things I can just chop up but can't really think of much.

So far I've just been doing the things I used to puree (casserole type things mainly) without putting them in the blender and lots of things like toast, cubes of cheese etc etc.

I know I should just give her what we eat but we have tea once she's gone to bed (could save her some of the previous nights I suppose but often it's stuff that wouldn't keep that well - e.g. pasta or baked potatos)

Can anyone give me some suggestions for food that can just be cut up into pieces and left for her to get on with? All I can think of is fishfingers!

Lifeinagoldfishbowl Tue 21-Jul-09 10:25:25

I like Anabelle Karmel and Tana Ramsey

expertinscunthorpe Tue 21-Jul-09 10:32:15

Ooh thanks lifeina, I might try TR, didn't think of her.

NobbyD Thu 23-Jul-09 16:25:48

How about things like shepherds pie, fish pie, macaroni cheese, pasta with tomato sauce, spaghetti bolognese? Most of these you can make quite easily just for baby or you can make as a big dish for you all to eat. I tend to do that with most stuff - start making it for ds and then transfer it for us to eat later.

I find that making a cheese sauce can go a long way to making many meals - mix it with steamed fish like salmon and cod and stir in some mashed potato and veggies and you have fish pie - use the leftover cheese sauce to make a batch of macaroni cheese (I add carrots and ham to mine). You can then freeze them for meals later.

Plus if you want just food you can grill/oven and cut up, how about pieces of chicken (you could cook a whole chicken for a roast and strip bits off for baby) with mini baby potatoes and steamed veg that she can use her hands to pick up (you can buy microwaveable summer veg in a packet thats a hit with my ds) you could add sauce if she wants it a little gooey (you can buy ready made baby sauces too).


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