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...but I LIKE eating MSG

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Upwind Sun 19-Jul-09 14:31:10

I have started introducing my baby to the food we are eating. To this end, I invested in some baby friendly stock cubes, but the food just does not taste as good, even with salt added afterwards. I have concluded that the reason normal commercial stocks are laden with MSG is because it really does work as a flavour enhancer. grin

So would it be really bad to give home-cooked food containing MSG to my baby once a week or so? Or is there good reason to stick to worthy organic produce?

Hulla Sun 19-Jul-09 18:56:08

grin Lol!

I am not sure of the effects but I have heard that it is bad for you. I agree, it's very tasty!


worldwide health center

Not sure how reliable these are but the second on makes me want to skip it from now on!

DrTrillianAstra Sun 19-Jul-09 18:59:41

AFAIK the body deals with 'free' glutamate in MSG the same as it does with glutamate in proteins. Parmesan and mushrooms have lots of glutamate, for example.

International Food Information Council

If you want to not give it to your baby (in the same way that we don't give salt to babies) you can actually buy MSG in a lot of ethnicy food shops and addt to your portion afterwards.

Upwind Mon 20-Jul-09 10:10:08

Thank you both!

I think that I will try and buy the MSG so I can add it afterwards grin If only to see the horror on my MIL's face!

DrTrillianAstra - that link was very informative

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