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2 year old that has the appetite of a bird!! What am I doing wrong??

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mummytowillow Mon 13-Jul-09 19:51:15

Now I know your all going to shout from the rooftops 'ROD FOR YOUR OWN BACK' But please help me .............!!! wink

My daughter who is two next month has gone from being a little girl who would eat anything, veg included to eating practically nothing all day!! She will eat breakfast at a push, refuses lunch and then will occasionally eat dinner if she is in the mood?? She quite happily eats chocolate, crips etc (which I don't give her too much of) but when it comes to 'normal' food she isn't interested, she is on the 9th percentile for weight and really is very tiny? But has been checked out by Paed and she is all OK.

This is where the 'rod' comes in though blush if she says no to one type of food I then try this, that, then a bit of the other and then just give up!! Someone has said offer her one meal, if she refuses it take it away and give her nothing until the next meal time, but I feel awful doing that, but is that the right thing to do?

If she decides she is hungry in between meals, we have a spectacular meltdown and she becomes uncontrollable until she has eaten! However, I wondering if the amount of milk she is having is filling her up? She is still on formula as she refuses to drink cow's milk, she has 7oz in the morning about 6am and 7oz evening at 7pm, is this too much, when do you stop giving milk am/pm and how can I get her to drink cow's milk, she will have it on cereal but thats it. I'm worried about her teeth as I know the formula can be sweet on their teeth?

Any ideas on what I can tempt her with and how I can fatten her up a bit!

Any advice greatly appreciated!!

minko Mon 13-Jul-09 19:58:40

I'd cut down on the morning milk and see if that helps. But my DD was a shocker at that age too. At one stage I remember being on holiday and getting one slice of ham into her all day (and being in a right panic).

With 2 yo DS I am wiser to it though and panic less. He eats when he's hungry and if he doesn't I just reassure myself that I have offered tasty food and the rest is up to him. Though I have been known to give him soft cheese sandwiches in despair, which he will always eat...

Doctors and Health Visitors will say so long as she's drinking you're OK. Try not to worry too much.

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