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Staying at a hotel for a week when DS 6.5 months old what food to give

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iwantitnow Mon 13-Jul-09 10:38:03

I am worried about a holiday booked in September when my DS will e 6.5 months old. I plan to start weaning him on purees at the 5-6 month stage. Breakfast I'm sure I can cover, lunch will be banana, avocado or some packaged food. I hate using packaged food especially for a whole week in case he gets used to the taste or texture. Dinner concerns me the hotel serves childrens tea at 5pm and give hipp organic jars for babies which I don't want to use. I'm going to phone to ask if I can take some food for them to store but I think they might say no. Has anybody else had this problem

I had an awful time weaning my DD and I did BLW - so I don't want to go down that route. There are allergy concerns with DS so I want to introduce foods gradually so I cant give him what we are eating anyway.

I think I missed the window for weaning DD so I don't want to delay weaning DS until after hols.

Dreading weaning after DD I just hope DS likes food and this hotel stay is getting me stressed.

Housemum Mon 13-Jul-09 12:22:43

If you have only just started weaning then, food is not a main amount of his diet so you do not need great amounts. Fruits/veg as you say like avocado etc which don't need to be kept in a fridge. Ask the hotel if you can have some plain boiled veg - would have thought they would be cooking eg carrots/beans anywayto go with meals? And the odd jar won't make him dependent on it. We took DD3 on a hotel hol at 7 mths and she just had bits of veg etc off our plates, can't say she really ate much except loads of Rice Krispies at breakfast.

claireybee Mon 13-Jul-09 12:30:16

Cous cous and pasta (either pasta for soup or spaghetti broken up small) can be cooked just using water from the kettle-just put a small amount in a tea cup, pour over the water and put the saucer on top to retain the heat. You could add these or veggies from your plate to the jars to change the texture.

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