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5 month old not wanting bottle already?

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2littleprincesses Sun 12-Jul-09 09:51:54

hi, i have a lovely daughter, 5 months old and she has taken to weaning wonderfully, she eats whatever i give her and i am not worrying at all about her eating of solids but over the past few weeks she has started to not want her milk at all, i am lucky if i can get 7oz in her in a whole day. Usually my best bet is to give some to her as soon as she wakes or while she is asleep sometimes she will naturally suckle at the bottle and take a 'dream feed', if i try and give her milk during the day, she normally spits it out the other side of her mouth or will pool it in her mouth then push it out when the bottle moves! she is gaining weight lovely and developing exactly as my other daughter did but i am concerned because the health visitor keeps emphasising that they need 20oz at least a day. They did suggest giving petit filous to supplement some of the lost milk but there is only so much petit filous she can eat!
i don't want to risk giving her cows milk yet, her milk is never too hot or cold when i offer it to her, i have tried changing back to her old milk, i always offer the milk before cooled boiled water with juice, i have even put nesquik in her milk which seemed to work for a couple of days, i have tried offering the milk before the food while she is hungry but nothing is working, PLEASE help!

malfoy Sun 12-Jul-09 09:54:50

can you cook with formula? rice pudding? mac cheese?

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