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How much milk for a 10month old?

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IwishIcouldmoonwalk Fri 10-Jul-09 17:06:23

My ds is really into eating - pretty much everything! But is less and less interested in drinking milk. I bfed until he was 8.5months, and since then he's been having 4 cups of milk a day - he never took a bottle - so around 400mls I guess, plus extra on cereal / porridge etc, bringing us to the 500ml mark. He still eats lots of yoghurt and cheese, but is more and more reluctant to sit and just drink his milk - a few gulps and then he's done. How much should he be having at this stage? Does all the above sound OK? Any advice appreciated! Thanks

girlsyearapart Sat 11-Jul-09 07:47:04

Hi dd1 hated milk ( any formula or breast) so was on 2 7oz bottles at that age which she struggled to get through. After worrying spoke to HV who said at age 1 they should be getting equivalent of 1 pint a day so probably not too far off that at 10mo except for the cows milk as a drink. This can be made up with other calcium/dairy sources so cheese, milk in cooking, yoghurt, cream etc. Dd2 is now 10mo and has 3 x 8oz bottles a day but it's hypo allergenic formula (which is not really milk atall imo!) but she has no dairy whatsover. Lucky you if he won't take a bottle- saves weaning him off it! Strangely dd2 (22 mo) will now not give up her morning and night bottle (cold cows milk straight from fridge) after stressing us out for her first year over milk refusal..

IwishIcouldmoonwalk Sat 11-Jul-09 10:13:08

Thanks for that girlsyearapart (sounds like hard work!).

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