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How do I get my 16 m/o to eat more solid "finger foods"?

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aquafrizzante Fri 10-Jul-09 16:43:29

Am putting this in weaning but we're past that really

16 month old determined not to eat anything "solid" -e g pieces of fruit, even turned down a chip which used to be a fave.
New teeth seem to be coming through but we must be almost at a full set yet preference is for mush rather than things that need to be chomped
any advice?

aquafrizzante Fri 10-Jul-09 16:47:22

Will eat toast, bagel, biscuits, cheese and sandwiches and recently pasta bits but nothing that really constitutes a meal, e.g larger bits of broccoli or even a fish finger

TIA for any help

Mamulik Sun 12-Jul-09 15:19:54

at 16 months yiyr abby should be ready for solids. may be your food not tasty ?

MrsBadger Sun 12-Jul-09 16:10:18

offer slop spread on toast / bagel etc

temporary solid avoidance might be due to teeth

keep offering

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