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13 month old, diet seems to consist of lots of pasta! What does your similar age baby eat?

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Janus Tue 07-Jul-09 13:35:12

Hi. We seem to be stuck in a pasta rut! DD3 seems to be eating less than she used to. Breakfast seems so much more hit and miss, seems to have gone off all baby cereal so we do bits of toast, some fruit, maybe a yogurt or maybe some pancakes and fruit. Doesn't seem to eat a huge portion of any of this though.
I try and make the main meal for tea so that all the children can eat together and her favourite is definitely spag bol or any other pasta and sauce and something like a chicken veg with a rice portion or cous cous is also a hit.
Lunch seems to be the most difficult meal. I am trying to move away from a fully cooked meal at lunch simply because we are more on the move now, maybe going to a class or play group and I don't have the time to cook another meal for lunch.
So, if you do a similar 'snack' meal what do you give? She not a big sandwich lover, will have a little bit of soup, maybe some scrambled egg.
Basically, can you run through what yours eats in the day so I can get some ideas?
Thanks so much.

giantkatestacks Tue 07-Jul-09 13:42:24

I may lurk here if thats alright because my 13month old dd is in a bit of a feeding rut as well - exacerbated by nursery 2 days a week who spoonfeed her grr.

My dd has malties, rice crispies or porridge for breakfast, lunch is often bagel and cream cheese or jacket potatoes (microwaved) with cream cheese/cheddar, avocadoes, some form of canned fish - usually mackerel with peas and sweetcorn (or other random veg that only takes 2 mins).

We often have a 'picnic' lunch as well - so pieces of cheese, some toast, some fruit, tofu straight from the packet - a big hit! etc

Dinner will be some classic kids food so spag bol etc.

My dd does have days where she hardly eats anything at all so I wouldnt worry about the amount tbh.

grubbywitch Tue 07-Jul-09 13:50:27

DD is 19 months and has:
Breakfast - Weetabix, oatabix or porridge followed by fruit (normally berries) and a yoghurt.

Lunch - pitta with humous, boiled egg to dip soilders in, soup with wholemeal bread (she likes dipping grin , scrambled egg,

Dinner - steamed salmon with veg, chilli, stew, roast chicken etc - she just has what we are having basically.

Janus Tue 07-Jul-09 21:28:07

Thanks so much for the replies and actually this has given me loads to work with! I do forget sometimes when I try something and it is a hit and a bagel was a big hit which I have completely forgotten to buy again so what a good idea, philly too, great idea. Will also try tofu. Giant can I ask, are you expecting her to eat for herself at nursery, I have given mine a spoon which she likes to play with but haven't thought she should be doing this for herself yet, should I?
Grubby, mine loves berries too, in fact she is going to look like a raspberry or blueberry soon! I'm a complete whimp though as cut the blueberries in half as so paranoid about choking, would you give whole?
Boiled egg, great idea, mine loves dipping too, soup has to have floating bread!
Thanks so much, shall be off to supermarket with a few more ideas now.

giantkatestacks Tue 07-Jul-09 21:33:04

Janus - it was more that before she started at nursery she was self feeding family foods and now she shows a distinct preference to being fed mashed foods again - I did finger foods and mashed from 6 months and we were really successful in getting family food going on really early and it feels like we've gone backwards tbh.

If she likes dipping could you do pittas and homemade hummous or other dips as well?

I would give blueberries whole - mine copes with raisins and pine nuts and all sorts of things...not grapes though - I would always cut them up.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 07-Jul-09 21:35:20

My 13 month old ds has weetabix, porridge or cheerios with a bit of toast with philadelphia for breakfast.

Lunch is a sandwich, or jacket potato with mackeral in tomato sauce, tuna, cheese, ham etc or scrambled egg on toast, eggy bread, home made pizza etc

Dinner is whatever we're having - lamb tagine with cous cous and veg, mild curry with rice and nan, fish pie, lasagne, sausage and mash, roast dinner.

Puddings are fruit, yoghurts, malt loaf or something similar.

He has grapes cut in half but not bluberries!

pispirispis Thu 09-Jul-09 16:08:35

Actually we're in a bit of a rut too, and my dd loves pasta, but as we're veggie, I thought I'd share our meals with you, as there might be something different to try -

Breakfast is weetabix, ready brek, toast with Philly, jam, butter or mashed banana, sometimes eggy bread, pancakes, fruit

Lunch can be pitta with Philly and mashed kidney beans from veggie chilli I've made, or with beans and mashed avocado, or hummous and grated carrot, or grated cheddar, carrot and cumin. I wont talk about the sandwiches as your lo's not keen.

What about a salady type lunch with cubes of cheese, and cucumber, halved cherry tomatoes, chunks of avocado and boiled egg? Maybe with breadsticks and some type of dip?

Or you could try making savoury pancakes and adding broccoli or spinach and cheese, or savoury muffins. Or home made pizza. My dd also loves Mexican torillas heated on a frying pan, sprinkle on cheddar and spread on mashed avocado/tomato-ey chilli sauce, fold and turn over and heat through. Take off heat when quite crispy, leave to cool and cut into triangles.

For dinner, other than pasta dishes, we have things like dahl, broccoli and rice; chickpea and spinach curry, potato wedges or jacket potato with beans and home-made veggie burger, veggie cottage pie...

pispirispis Thu 09-Jul-09 16:10:47

BTW my dd's 14mo and eats v small meals too. And for me savoury pancakes are the king of the "snack" lunch. I make them in batches and freeze them and they are sooo handy and mess free.

Mamulik Sun 12-Jul-09 15:21:45

it all depends on you, what you cook - your baby eats. STOP cooking only pasta, try some vegatables

whomovedmychocolate Sun 12-Jul-09 15:55:44

DS is a year old and eats everything he can get his hands on. But I recommend you experiment with chicken and veg kebabs (cut the sharp bit off obv.) - they do seem to love holding them!

He also loves pasta. Nothing wrong with that!

drinkyourmilk Sun 12-Jul-09 16:07:26

Can i ask how you make savoury pancakes?


giantkatestacks Sun 12-Jul-09 20:31:51

My dd devoured some crabcakes today - in fact you could put anything in with some mash and fry it up and she'd hoover it up off the tray...she loves potato and carrot rosti as well.

I realise this isnt really a non cook lunch item though sorry...

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