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8 month old, vomiting when eating textured foods....advice greatly appreciated!

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namechangerforareason Mon 06-Jul-09 10:21:15

Firstly sorry if this has been posted before I just need some pearls of MN wisdom.

Ds is 33 weeks, been eating foods since 21 weeks (yeah early I know but couldnt hold him off any more), managing puree excellently, great eater not turned any food down yet!

He is on 4 bottles a day, bottle with cereal in morning, with lunch and with dinner and bottle only at bedtime.

Have tried to introduce textured foods several times, he does seem to be making chewing movements with his jaw but every single time he has gagged and brought everything up, even coming out of his nose! It does not phase him but is worrying for me to see.

I have tried mixing textured foods with his puree but the same thing happens. Cannot get a hold of my HV to ask advice(probably best taken with a pinch of salt anyway) but really would like some help on what I can do as I feel like I am failing him somehow.

He does have reflux, he is on gaviscon and we are seeing a specialist in a month to see if he needs an operation.

Weight gain is fabulous, been steady since birth.

Any advice would be so welcome you would not believe!

Will get back on later to check.




namechangerforareason Mon 06-Jul-09 10:24:13

Sorry forgot to add that some times he will take finger foods no problem and other times he vomits and gags with them too.

madwomanintheattic Mon 06-Jul-09 10:25:00

with dd2 we just made the purees thicker and thicker and then went on to finger foods that were 'bite and dissolve' rather than than mix textures. (i used baby rice and heinz baby oaty porridge to thicken everything - all her usual purees whether sweet or savoury))
she has specific oromotor difficulties.
her first 'solid' foods were quavers. grin

PiggyPenguin Mon 06-Jul-09 16:46:04

My ds1 couldn't cope with things that were both runny and had lumps (so a 7 months jar which is mostly puree but has a few lumps). Give either full puree or actual food (cheese on toast slightly pre-chewed by you maybe) We tried to persevere with the lumpy puree (on hv advice) and ended up in a really crap situation where his gag reflex got heightened and his ability to not actually vomit got worse. He was sick on practically every meal for 2 years.

Eventually he grew out of it though.

namechangerforareason Tue 07-Jul-09 08:25:35

Thank you both for your input, will give the thicker purees a go again, we had tried but he gagged though didnt vomit so its a step forward at least.

Tried 7 months stage 2 foods, he vomits them when a lumpy bit goes down. will persevere.

Thanks again, booked in with HV next week.


largeginandtonic Tue 07-Jul-09 08:33:21

I had one like this. He would eat a wholebowl full only to come to last spoonful and bring the whole lot back.

Sometimes it would be the second mouthful in too.

No rhyme or reason to it. It was so frustrating, he was not bothered in the least!

He grew out of it, in fact he just went on to cut up food in front of himself and was fine.

I feel your pain!

madwomanintheattic Tue 07-Jul-09 08:55:38

didn't ever do lumps. no point at all lol. we just gradually added thickness to the puree so that it was a gradual thickening of 'normal' diet, so not so noticeable.
dd2 eventually learned to control her gag reflex if we talked her through it - (i know that sounds bizarre!) - older than yours though (she didn't manage 'solids' until over a year, but started off tube fed as she had no gag or swallow reflex, so i'll forgive her a few quirks). grin

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