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how do you wean a BF baby off the boob?!!

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rollercoaster1 Sun 05-Jul-09 08:36:48

My DS is 9 months and for 3 months we have been trying to wean. He has gradually gone from eating depressingly little at 8 months to 3 small meals a day, on a good day. Theres loads of advice out there to help you BF but cant find any to help you stop! My son is on and off the breast all night long and cries if I try to settle him in when he wakes by any other means eg water, patting, rocking etc. I feed him first thing in the morning myself, 1-2 times in the day then before he goes to bed around 7ish and then around 10.30. Have also started to try to introduce aptamil which he will sip from a tommy tippee cup. Need to get him weaned by sept as he starts nursery and I dont want to be expressing bottles. He wont drink from a bottle anyway - another story. If anyone has sucessfully weaned a BF baby in the past please let me know how you did it. I spoke to a lady in a baby group yesterday who said she had similar issues weaning her first son and he was 2.5yrs before she managed it!! I feel the clock is ticking for me and its spoiling the time I have left with my son as Im constantly worrying about how to get him to eat more solids and rely less on me so he doesnt starve in nursery sad

StealthPolarBear Sun 05-Jul-09 08:39:29

he'll be 1 when he starts nursery?
If that's the main reason you want to wean, please don't worry. DS was a milk monster, ate enough food to keep a sparrow alive but was fine at nursery. At 2.5 he still prefers milk to food at home, is incredibly fussy and yet eats anything and everything at nursery (and has seconds!!)

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