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Weaning - his lunchtime nap out the window?????

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Pupness Mon 16-May-05 21:10:25

We have been weaning now for over a month and so far so good until the last few days. Feeding DS on new tastes mainly mixed with baby rice to see if there would be any reaction. Now the amounts have increased in the last few days, old GF suggests mixing carrot, sweet pot and green bean for his 1130 feed after the milk. He wakes after about 50 mins and will not go back to sleep and so is restless for the rest of the afternoon. Is this just too much veg for his little body to cope with. Would love any advice - its my first DB.

hotmama Mon 16-May-05 21:24:00

My dd is 7 months and never used to be much of a napper during the day but is now a good day sleeper. I have found that weaning helps to give some structure to the day, dd is now used to being put down 1/2 hour after lunch (lunch is about 11.30 to 12.15 ish) and sometimes sleeps in excess of 1 and a half hours. DD sometimes wakes up earlier and obviously has had enough sleep so up she comes BUT she probably will then need a late afternoon nap of about 1/2 hour.

Is your db having all the milk? As this is what is important at the start, solid food is just about giving tastes really.

Things became a lot better for me now we have cut down to 3 milk feeds and 3 solid meals. HTH

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