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How much does/did your 7mo eat?

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makedoandmend Tue 30-Jun-09 18:44:57

Have been giving solid foods for a few weeks and she's never turned anything down in terms of quantity. I usually give her savoury plus pud (100g pots) - but she just had her usual plus a 90g pot of fromage frais and could still have gone on eating. Can you overfeed them? I usually give her a bf after every meal as well.

Before I started her on solids she was losing weight at a rate if an oz a week, over the last month she's put on 14oz grin but is still only 14.11lbs at 7m (all her peers seems to come in at 18+)

Should I be feeding her more? Do i keep feeding her 'til she turns her head away at a meal (this is what the HV told me to do but I've stopped listening to her due to so much bad advice). It's always me that stops it (although never if she seems really hungry) but i don't want to give her tummy ache - I'm sure she'd go on eating til she exploded!

chapps Tue 30-Jun-09 20:51:54

a normal day for my 7 month year old is

2 rusks with a 6 oz milk

12.30pm - 150-200g cow & gate jar grampas sunday lunch with the chunks in small yoghurt and 6oz juice

2-3pm 6 oz juice

5pm 200g jar of tuna pasta bake ,with real pasta bits 6 oz milk

then 4 oz milk at 7pm to go to bed

that was today if that helps

makedoandmend Tue 30-Jun-09 22:05:14

Thanks chapps - maybe I'll up the savoury a bit and see how we go.

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