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finger food vomiting

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littlelordfauntleroy Mon 29-Jun-09 14:31:01

hi there

i am new to mumsnet and am hoping for some advice. My DS is 7 months and i have been feeding him purees for the last 6 weeks (gradually getting thicker and lumpier). He's taken to it really well and loves his food ! (typical bloke!)

I have recently started to give him finger food but each time, he has either shoved it all in his mouth, or sucked it till a bit has broken off. As soon as it hits the back of his throat he doesnt just gag but totally projectile vomits the entire contents of his stomach

This has happened every time (i have tried banana, strawberry,melon,toast and bread).

Is this normal ?????
Any ideas how i can stop this ? as its upsetting for all of us He just looks really shocked and won't eat anything else. |He is also bringing up any milk that he might have had in the last few hours and i'm worried he's not getting enough

Thanks for any advice you can give x

snala Mon 29-Jun-09 14:47:23

Hi there, I would leave it longer.Give it another few weeks and try again.
Just keep making his food lumpier. You dont want to put him off trying it.He possibly just isnt ready for the next stage yet.

It will happen but at his pace. I dont know any adults that cant eat finger food!

Dont beat yourself up about it. x

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