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7,5 mo and still won't take beaker or drink water

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SparkyUK Wed 24-Jun-09 11:18:42

I've been weaning my son for about 2 months now. We started out to a rough start and he was not impressed with food at all, but I just took it slowly and tried not pressure him and continued to BF him and now we're doing much better. He's still picky the first time he tries something, but often if I give it to him again the next day, or if I give it to him after giving him something familliar (and sweet - like sweet potatoes) then he'll go for it.

However, we have made absolutely no headway with his drinking. Everytime I offer him his beaker he scrunches his face up and starts to make a real fuss. If I leave it on the table for him, he'll pick it up and start pounding it, but really shows no sign in drinking. What can I try to get him to drink some water?

any tips?

MamaG Wed 24-Jun-09 11:22:32

BabyG is the same age and exactly the same with drinks.

Food is fine, he'll eat anything i give him, but he will NOT drink from his sippy cup thing.

It doesn't bother me, he has BFs and yoghurts and fruit for moisture, but if he doesn't start having the cup soon, I think I'll have to try a different type of spout. Currently have a basic plastic flip-up spout with a hoel in the end, but he might do better with a more sophisticated spout!

Penthesileia Wed 24-Jun-09 11:31:59

My DD wasn't interested in drinking anything really until about 2 months ago (she's 12.5 months now).

I would hold a Doidy cup up to her mouth before then, and she would sip a bit; but if I left it for her to try herself, it was always a disaster! grin Tried a sippy cup too; but that ended up on the floor as often as not. grin

What she finally took to was those water bottles with sports-style sucky caps (IYSWIM?). I was drinking from one, and she kept pointing at it til I let her have a try. Success!

Anyway, spurred on by this, I found a Tommee Tippee Sportster bottle. She loves this, and drinks lots of water now.

It says from 12 months, but I presume that's really because they're not sure if a younger baby could manage a bottle that big, plus I presume you're not supposed to offer too much water to an under-one? Dunno - not sure. Anyway - I suppose you could try something like this?

But maybe he's just not ready for, nor needs, water? I think that if you're still BF-ing, he must be getting lots of fluids that way.

I'm sure he'll sort himself out in his own time! smile

Pinkglow Thu 25-Jun-09 13:06:48

My DS is the same - will eat anything no problem but hates the beaker. He will take water from a bottle when hes thirsty.

TBH its not bothering me at the moment but all I can suggest is to try different types of beaker

SparkyUK Thu 25-Jun-09 14:13:47

It's like a gazillion degrees out today, and lo and behold, DS is finally thirsty and guzzling from his beaker. Lets see if he remembers how when the weather cools...

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