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Almost 10 month old refusing to eat of a spoon (and most finger food too ):

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Becs77 Tue 23-Jun-09 20:14:37

DS was weaned at 5 months and ate almost anything we presented to him....Until a month ago he started to need distraction methods for us to get the spoon in his mouth but this was okay as we'd just give him finger foods and pop in a spoonful here and there and this worked pretty well. The last 2 weeks or so he seems to be eating less and less from a spoon apart from fruit puree and yoghurt. I would be fine with giving him finger foods all the time but he will only eat dry foods such as toast, he also loves fruit as finger food too but most other stuff including veg gets chucked over the side of his chair to the dog! I keep reading all these books on the amount of protein/carbs/veg etc etc he SHOULD be eating but some days he eats next to nothing apart from toast and fruit....I have tried putting puree on toast but he catches on to this quickly and cries then won't eat anything. Do you think if he doesn't eat the savoury part of the meal I should deny him the pudding as you would with an older child? It seems a bit mean considering that's often all he'll eat in a day.....Luckily, he's a big boy (around 22Ib) but i'm getting worried that's it going to effect his growth/health etc. Sorry for long post would LOVE some reassurance that this is just a passing phase!! Thanks x

Brewster Tue 23-Jun-09 21:28:13


My baby is almost 11 months old now and was anightmare to wean but he goes through phases like this alllll the time.
at the moment he is wanting loads of milk and not etaing quite as much as I would like but I figure it is his teeth that are bothering him.
Try not to worry too much he iwll eat what he wants when he wants!

Hope that helps

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