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Weaning sicky babies - any advice?

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Ewemoo Mon 22-Jun-09 14:35:55

I have started to wean my dts who are 6 mths. They have always been very sickly babies and nothing has changed since I've been weaning them. I'm getting confused about when to give them milk and when to give the solids (with a view to moving them to 3 meals a day). Can anyone let me know their routine for milk and solids. They are on their 4th week of weaning btw.

girlafraid Mon 22-Jun-09 16:48:25

I don't have any advice but just to let you know I have a very sicky DS and weaning has made no difference at all...

Our routine is:

Early am - forumla
Breakfast - cereal & water / formula depending
mid morning - formula
lunch - veg, yogurt and water, sometimes forumla depending
mid afternoon - formula
tea - fruit & rice with water
bed - formula

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