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What is a balanced diet???

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mummalish Sun 21-Jun-09 18:18:50

I actually know the answer to this question, but when it comes to my ds nutrition, it seems I am in a mummy panic.

I have a very relaxed attitude to mealtimes, don't get stressed if he doesnt finish his food, or only has a bit. But something deep inside me is feeling insecure about what he does or doesnt eat.

He seems to dislike the things that most young babies like. Toast for starters, he doesnt like it (well, he did at one point, but changed his mind).

He can chew his food, but chooses not to try much. Seems to shudder when I give him something new.

Is not taking very well to BLW. For instance, I made a roast dinner for dh and myself, we all sat together at the table. Lovely tender beef, roast veg and potatoes etc, if it was pureed up he would love it, but would not touch it as it was. I tried cutting it up, and eventually pureed it up (did not want to do that).

He is not underweight or malnourished, but certainly does not eat meat and 2 veg at every meal. In fact, some meals are just weetabix or fruit!! He is a year old.

Really want to give him a variety, and want him to enjoy food (like I do), but he does not seem very interested.

How do I know he has a balanced diet?

TortillaDeMaiz Sun 21-Jun-09 23:57:07

You don't know. There are days when you LO might eat a lot of fruit but the next day he might prefer cheese or bread or meat. But in general, it should balance out within a week.

I would let him have as much as he wants of his favorite foods and then offer something from a different group. I think the portions per day should be about 4-6 carbs, 2 protein, 3-4 fruit and veg plus dairy, but don't worry too much if it doesn't seem to be like that. As long as you offer food from all the food groups, you should trust your child will choose what he needs the most.

About the meat, maybe try carving a very thin slice or choose a different dish where the meat is even softer and easier to chew.

AitchTwoOh Mon 22-Jun-09 00:03:39

you might find that once you start giving him cow's milk he will eat more variety, that was when i noticed dd1's food intake taking a spurt (and milk going down).

and both of my children shuddered Every Time i gave them something new, i found it hilarious. it is very, very common, a full-body shake and a grimace.

i'm a big fan of BLW but i'm a bigger fan of being relaxed about food, iykwim? so i'd concentrate on that, personally. if you feel better (nutritionally-speaking) giving him a squooshed version of what you're having, then do it. and they do change their minds about what they like, i think that's cool myself. dd2 HATES potatoes and bananas, dd1 loved them, all babies don't like the same stuff. smile

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