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Going to try BLW this week - will she be ready? Want to join me in trying?

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Dysgu Sat 20-Jun-09 19:14:25

DD2 is 26 weeks old on Tuesday so I am thinking about starting to offer food when we are eating. TBH she has already had a suck of some roast parsnip and some watermelon that she was offered by DP and seemed to enjoy both experiences.

She was born at 35 weeks but seems to do most things she is supposed to and seems not to care that she was early! (We certainly don't worry about it and treat her as though she was term - DD1 was 2 months early and has always been treated as an individual - is 2.9yo now and doing great!)

However, DD1 was a puree-baby who then jumped onto real food as she hated the mashed stage. With DD2 I aim to jump straight in and have not got a freezer full of purees like the last time.

I think DD2 is ready - she loves to watch us eat and even seems to be practising her eating actions! So, at 26 weeks I am going ahead even though she is 21 weeks post due date.

Anyone else just started or about to start BLWeaning and want to join me? Would be nice to share our food trials.

greensnail Sat 20-Jun-09 20:07:39

Hi, come and join us in this thread if you like here

My dd will be 6 months on wednesday and we have been offering her food when we eat for a few weeks (since she grabbed a piece of brocolli off my plate and ate it!). She was also born a little early (at 36 weeks) but isn't one to let that hold her back and is now managing food really well. The great thing about baby led weaning is that if they're ready they'll eat and if not they won't. Good luck for when you start and hope you and dd2 have fun

lobsters Sun 21-Jun-09 21:16:33

DD is 23 weeks, and I'm considering starting this week. We went out today and she some ciabatta with guacamole, so I'm going to slowly try a few more bits and pieces this week I think.

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