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9 month old wretching at the site of food

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anchovies Thu 18-Jun-09 23:07:34

BLW'd dd is 9 months and recently has started doing a strange thing where when she has finished eating if she picks up food or even when she just looks at it she really wretches. She has a bottle in the afternoon when I am at work and she apparently drinks a little bit then wretches everytime she sees the bottle. Seems particularly strange as she has always just fed herself so no real reason to wretch? So has this ever happened to anyone else or has anyone got any suggestions?

anchovies Fri 19-Jun-09 11:27:16


namechangerforareason Fri 19-Jun-09 11:32:22

Sorry not really got any experience with this situation just didnt want your thread to go unanswered!

As she has been so good at feeding herself dou you think it could possibly be a new wee behaviour she has picked up? I know that my DNiece behaved a little like this around 10 months old and she did grow out of it. I am sorry I know that is not very helpful.

Hope someone soon comes along with more constructive help for you just hate to see unanswered threads and the help I have been given in this topic has been great.

anchovies Fri 19-Jun-09 15:51:41

Thanks for your message, yes I really hope it is just a phase, am completely ignoring it and just clearing her tray when she has obviously had enough. Not sure there is anything else I can do to be honest?

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