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Cows milk or formula on cereal for 7m old

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thomasina1 Fri 12-Jun-09 20:04:25

Any opinions? DD has cut back to 3 good breastfeeds per 24 hrs so am wondering whether it would be good to use formula to make her porridge to get an extra 60ml or so down her. Or is cows milk (full fat of course) just as good? Expressed breast milk not an option any more btw!

Seona1973 Fri 12-Jun-09 20:13:50

I used full fat cows milk with cereal from 6 months.

shish Sat 13-Jun-09 10:29:01

Use cow's milk as you dd is now over 6 months. You can also give yoghurt, cheese. custard etc.. This all adds to required daily amount

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