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Blinking beakers!!!

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Deaby Wed 10-Jun-09 16:05:06

Hi All, Im trying to get my 11 and half month old DD to drink from a soft spout beaker instead of bottle. She has been drinking all her juice from it fine last week, but this week I have been giving her her daytime milk feeds from it and she will not drink all her milk and leaves alot behind compared to when she used to finish all of her feed from her bottle! I am still giving her a bottle feed before she goes to bed and she finishes it off straight away!. Why won't she drink all her milk from the beaker? Am I doing something wrong?

angel1976 Wed 10-Jun-09 21:30:56

Deaby, it's perfectly okay for a baby to drink from a bottle at your DD's age! My DS is 15.5 month old and he drinks his milk from a bottle still! He is happy to use a doidy cup and a beaker for his water throughout the day etc but will only drink a bit of milk if I try to give it to him in a beaker! I don't see the big deal in letting him have his bottle still as he usually has one in the morning and one at night and occasionally one during the day. As long as your DD does not have the bottle to suck on all day etc, you will be fine. I wouldn't worry too much about it tbh. It's comforting for them to suck on their bottles I think and I don't see the big rush to wean them off it for now...

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