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Should I cut down DS's milk?

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Hopefully Sun 07-Jun-09 21:28:58

DS is 9 months, and is on 3 meals a day. He seems to eat a reasonable amount (BLW), was sleeping through 11 hours) from 7.5 months (after waking 3 times a night for months), but is now waking in the night and having a 5oz bottle.

He still has a lot of milk (25oz during the day, another 5oz if he wakes at night), and has his milk when he wakes from his naps, so before his meal, iykwim.

I'm wondering if (a) I should be getting him out of the habit of milk when he wakes from sleeps, (b) if he's having too much milk and should be having solids first and (c) if it's affecting his sleep.

Day currently goes (very roughly, can be quite changeable):
6:30am wake, 5oz
7am breakfast
8:30am nap
9:15am wake, 5oz
11am lunch
11:30am nap
1pm wake, 5oz
4:30pm nap
5pm wake, 5oz
5:30pm dinner, bath etc
7pm 5oz
3am (occasionally) 5oz

Also wondering whether I should be offering an afternoon snack, but I don't think I can cope with cleaning up the carnage 4 times a day!

Any thoughts?

blondissimo Mon 08-Jun-09 16:38:20

Hi there, my ds had a very differnt pattern to you at 9 months and was as follows:

6.30am wake 8oz
7.30am breakfast
9.30am nap for 30 mins
10am juice or water drink
11.30-12pm lunch with drink
1.30-2pm nap for 1-1.5hours
Mid afternoon drink
4.30pm-5pm dinner
6-6.30pm 8oz bottle
Nothing in the night

I am by no means saying that my way is better, in fact I know it's probably not as my ds is still waking in the night (10.5months now), but I think they say that there is no need for any feeds in the night once they are 6 months.
I would probably say cut down the night feed gradually until he is not feeding in the night, and at the same time add the oz you have taken from the night feed and add them to the morning and evening feeds.
Perhaps get him into the habit of just having water or juice after a nap.
Hope that helps a bit, but I really don't think there is a right or wrong answer. If your baby seems happy and you are happy then perhaps there is no need to change things?

Crossleggedmoose Sun 21-Jun-09 14:51:22


At 9 months, my DD was having 3 meals a day, plus 4 bottle feeds only. Morning, mid morning, mid afternoon and just before bed.

I stopped giving her milk in the middle of the night once she started solids at 6 months. When she woke up, I gave her some cool boiled water in a bottle instead for a couple of days. She took a few sips, but didn't really want it so on the 3rd night, I didn't give her anything. I did have to put up with some protesting/crying for a few nights but after that she slept through.

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