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soft and squashy lumps?

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Peanut08 Sat 06-Jun-09 21:27:19

Just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas for main meals that contain lumps that are soft and dissolve easily.

DS is 9 months and was born with down's syndrome which means the feeding process is taking a bit longer.

He is very willing and excited by his food and will take pureed home made baby food, lumps in 7 month jars (which seem to be a lot softer than homemade lumps??) and will take small pieces of solids that dissolve if I place them in his mouth such as rusks (not ready for finger food yet) however we can't seem to get past this stage.

He has quite a sensitive gag reflex and struggled with some mashed chicken casserole today because it was a bit stringy and didn't dissolve easily. I'm now running out of ideas for meals and don't want to use the jars all the time so any tips or ideas would be great smile

nicnic01 Sun 07-Jun-09 21:14:54

I kept using my purees but started adding some well cooked baby pasta or sligtly mashed overcooked veg. YOu could just add a few to start with and gradually increase it. It means the freezer full of pures doesnt go to waste. My DD is a very fussy eater so I still do this, rather than making a whole batch of a single meal. I Have lots of single ingredients frozen which I mix together to make different meals. Today she had carrot puree with added brocolli/cauli lumps for dinner. For tea she had butternut squash puree with added tomato and pasta for lumps.
My dd is fairly good with lumps now but hates meaty lumps. I still gently puree her chicken/beef (I have frozen tiny portions with tomatos to add to the different meals). But you could try salmon. My DD loves it. Its meaty mut flakes well and DD manages the lumps great.
Hope this helps.

Peanut08 Sun 07-Jun-09 22:18:25

Thanks nicnic, I hadn't thought of salmon so will give it a try. I think part of me is a bit reluctant to experiment as I'm paranoid he'll struggle and choke sad. Think I'll keep trying with the well cooked veg as well as he seems to like this too.

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