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Just started weaning (self-feeding) and constipated

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dorisbonkers Thu 04-Jun-09 12:27:24

Hi. My 7 month old has been going great guns with finger foods in the last three weeks and although she's still largely playing, quite a lot it going in. But she's a bit constipated I think (poos once a day but is straining a bit, it's softish and pasty, but nowhere near like breastfed poo --sorry TMI)

Any foods (suppose prunes or plums) that would be good rather than going down the medication route.

She eats avocado, pitta with hummous, aubergine, yoghurt, cream cheese, weetabix, peaches, apples fried in butter (she's underweight), roast dinners and so on. She pretty much eats everything.

Oh, she's breastfed and last week I introduced a nighttime bottle of formula. Should she have water as well? I've never given water before.


Seona1973 Thu 04-Jun-09 16:47:04

if it is soft and pasty then your lo isnt constipated (hard dry poo). You could offer water with meals to help keep things moving though.

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