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When did your BLW child start dropping milk feeds?

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pigleychez Wed 03-Jun-09 18:13:32

DD is 10mth and basically still has all her normal milk feeds. When did your baby start dropping feeds.

DD's day:

7ozs @ 6/7 depending what time she wakes.

Breakfast @ 9 ish- Usually toast

7ozs @ 10ish

Lunch @ 12- Sandwiches,raisins,fruit, breadstick etc

7ozs @ 2 ish

Dinner @ 6ish- Whatever we are having.. Fishpie,Lasagne,shepherds pie,pasta etc

8ozs @ 8 before bed.

Does this sounds too much milk? Should I try dropping one feed and swapping it for a snack?

BlackberryFool Wed 10-Jun-09 19:28:53

Message withdrawn

Hopefully Thu 11-Jun-09 11:21:24

My DS is 9mo and still has all the milk feeds he had before - he has a similar amount to your DD.

He has recently started waking in the night again and seems genuinely hungry - we have upped what we offer him in the daytime in terms of food and milk and the waking is getting later, but until he is getting through to morning again there's not chance I'm trying to cut down anything!

I think if they get to one and are still having a huge amount of milk it's worth thinking about helping them cut it out.
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