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6.5 month old woke for a night feed last night completely out of the blue. What should I do - more solids or more milk?

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Ceebee74 Wed 03-Jun-09 09:17:39

DS2 has slept through (7-7ish) from 10 weeks old (yes I know - I am very lucky!) but last night, he completely threw me by needing a bottle at 1am (it was so unexpected that it took me 40 minutes of putting his dummy in, cuddling him, calpol etc to finally realise it was milk he wanted blush) - he was obviously hungry cos he downed all 9oz.

He started on solids a few weeks ago but I was only giving him little bits here and there until he turned 6 months old - these last few days, his eating has definitely gone up a notch and he is now having 3 small meals a day plus 4 9oz bottles.

To try and prevent another 1am feed tonight, should I go for 3-hourly bottles so he would have 5 in a day or maybe give him some porridge/weetabix as a supper before his bath? Or should I just go with the night-feeds and assume it is a growth spurt or something?

Any thoughts?

KnitterInTheNW Wed 03-Jun-09 09:19:33

Could he have been thirsty last night? My 14 month old had a whole sippy cup of water last night, never normally has that much.

Ceebee74 Wed 03-Jun-09 09:52:10

I suppose he could just have been thirsty but I am really not sure water would have satisfied him - would he have downed the whole bottle if he just wanted to quench his thirst?

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