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to worry or not to worry?!

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waytoomuchchocolate Sun 31-May-09 13:23:17

i think i know the answer is not to worry grin but would appreciate the reassurance anyway...

9 month old ds was eating loads and loads each meal - a mix of everything but mainly puree off a spoon tbh.

since last wednesday he has just refused it all, spoons, chunks of food, grated food etc etc and it doesn't seem to be a determination to do it himself, just a lack of hunger....or so i think anyway but what do i know!

he seems to be living on toast at the moment...for how long is that ok?!

do you think it's just one of those phases? and at what point do i need to start worrying if at all...? i know they won't starve themselves so really am just assuming he'll start again at some point...?

thank you! clearly he's my pfb blush

littleboyblue Sun 31-May-09 13:26:25

My ds1 went off food when he was teething, could it be that?
He also stopped eating home cooked purees so I had to give jars and he would only eat those cold.
As long as he's still having milk, he should be ok, they say food is fun until they're one

waytoomuchchocolate Sun 31-May-09 21:58:55

thanks littleboyblue

he might be teething, he has been grumpier than normal, but i also think that might be because he's hungrier! who knows?!

think you're right about the milk, must remember that, cos he's still having loads of that which is good.

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