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Weaning 2nd baby.. forgotten what to do!

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Mini24 Sun 31-May-09 09:21:15


I have a 2 yr old and a 25week old baby. I just started weaning yesterday and gave my LO some baby rice at lunch time. How much do you give though?? She had a 5oz milk feed at 12pm and the baby rice at 12.30pm.

Also with regards to routine, does it matter if the times keeps changing from day to day? My LO still wakes during the night for a feed any time between 3am and 4.30am therefore it varies as to when she wakes again in the morning for her first morning feed.

I'm also trying to get both childrens meal times the same - yesterday I managed lunch at the same time but today baby woke up late and had morning milk late, therefore lunch will be late. So confusing!!

Never had these questions with my first as she was an easy baby, her times were more or less set in stone and she slept through from 4 months. So not too sure what I'm doing this time round.

Should I just go with what I'm doing, milk feeds every 4 hours during the day as normal and meals in between, hoping that eventually once weaning is established it'll be easier to set a proper time routine so it coincides with my 2 yr olds? Otherwise I'm constantly going to be feeding one or the other child.

So confused.....

Also how much solids should I give? Yesterday I gave her about 3 baby spoons worth of baby rice. Today she is having baby rice again and then tomorrow maybe some carrot - is 2-3 spoonfuls enough to begin with and when and how do you start increasing it?

Sorry for rambling - it seems I've been obsessed with weaning for the past month!!! Been reading and talking about it to DH (who hasn't got a clue, and keeps telling me to do what I thinks best!), confused myself even more.

Any advice/help would be much appreciated.



shish Mon 01-Jun-09 14:35:11

I'll be wathcing this one carefully. I have all the same questions and worries. It's amazing how much you forget in such a small space of time..

milkmoustache Mon 01-Jun-09 19:35:37

I worked towards getting mealtimes to coincide with DDs otherwise you are feeding one of them all the bloody time! I started off doing a milk feed then offering solids, so DS wasn't ravenously hungry and hence frustrated by solids - in the beginning its all about experiencing new tastes and texture rather than lots of nutrition, the milk is still the key thing. After a bit DS started dropping feeds anyway so it wasn't too difficult to get lunch and teatime to coincide. This time round DS has the entertainment value of watching his big sis eating and I think that makes meals a bit more relaxed (for them!).
In terms of quantity, I think they usually let you know when they've had enough - the food gets spat out, cheeks get turned, or you get tears! I usually produced a bowl of food which might be enough for two meals just in case DS really liked it and motored through it, and if he didn't then I was all sorted for the next meal. Also this time I didn't do baby rice at all - mashed banana and weetabix were a couple of early ones and DS still really goes for them.
good luck!

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