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6 month old more interested in food than milk - what should I do?

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Chulita Sun 31-May-09 08:24:04

DD loves her solids - toast, broccoli etc but the last week or so she's not really wanted milk, just wants to eat solids. When I offer milk she turns away and clams up but she'll chow down on toast. Even at night where there are no distractions she doesn't have a full milk feed. I'm not sure what to do because she's not actually eating that much solid food but she's really not interested in milk. Is this just another phase and she'll get back to milk again? Any suggestions of what to do?
(she's bf btw)

BelleSeuss Mon 01-Jun-09 09:53:58

Hi chulita - I'm in the same position here with my baby - he is only feeding well at night.

He is 7mths and the HV said use full fat milk/yoghurt at each of his meals and continue to offer bfs, but she didn't seem too worried as they start to drop feeds as they move onto 3 meals

I have spreadout bf ( feed on demand but he stopped demanding, so offered every 4-5hrs) and held off giving 3 meals in the hope he would bf, but now given in.

Speak to your HV - my ds is a good wt (fat little buddha ) so they are not worried (and I'm trying to relax too, but he is pfb so its hard!!)

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Mon 01-Jun-09 09:55:59

Sorry if you are already doing this but are you offering her milk before the food?

As BelleSeuss said I would use formula/EBM in their cereal/porridge/baby rice.

As long as she is a good wt I wouldn't worry too much.

Chulita Mon 01-Jun-09 11:51:14

I'm offering milk when she wakes up, before food and just before nap times but she's just not fussed. I'm not incredibly worried cos she's a good weight but I'm not entirely convinced that she's getting much solids down. She's bang on 6 months so I would've thought she's a bit young to start dropping feeds, and she doesn't have 3 meals yet, just bits and bobs...
I'll keep an eye on her weight and see what happens. I was just wondering if this was something that a lot of babies do at this age.

lupinjess Mon 01-Jun-09 11:59:05

DD2 stopped breastfeeding altogether at about 7 months and had a couple of weeks when she had no milk to drink. As others have said I made sure she had lots of milk in her food. Then she suddenly took formula from a beaker and now has 3 good sized beakers a day. My HV was completely unconcerned about her giving up milk so early and it was only because I wanted her to carry on having milk that I tried the formula in a beaker (boobs dried up sad)

curiositykilled Mon 01-Jun-09 12:51:51

Both mine had completely rejected breastmilk from around 10 months. I wouldn't worry at all providing you think baby is a healthy weight for them, babies normally prefer food to breastmilk as their nutritional needs are more satisfied by the variety of nutrition and stimulation they get from food.

I'd maybe start offering her more food rather than milk if this is what she prefers and you're worried she's not getting enough. Make sure she gets enough liquid - water is best as it won't rot teeth or replace milk or food and try to limit breastmilk or formula to evenings and mornings.

I know there's a big worry about childhood obesity but as long as she's eating a good variety of food groups and you remember that babies need more fat, calcium and iron than adults she'll be better nourished if anything. If you look for foods that have good levels of these and low levels of salt she'll be better nourished than by bf as this is relatively low in iron and calcium compared to the right solid food. She'll be fine in the long run. It's also normal for babies to put on weight from overeating from 6 months until they start walking as they tend to want to overeat I'd only worry about obesity if she was still chubby after she'd started moving around more.

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