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Spitting at meal time

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Brewster Thu 21-May-09 10:53:33

My 9.5 month old has started spitting alllllll thorugh meal times.
He either sprays it everywhere or just dribbles it outof his mouth.
I know it isnt the flavour or anything like that. He will take finger food but rectely he has been throwing them on the floor more often too.
Could this just be him teething - he has none yet - or just a bahaviou thing?
I dont think it is him discovering his lips or anmything as he has been blowing raspberries for months now.
I am getting so stressed out at mealtime. He has always been a tricky guy to feed an dthis is just ading to all teh worry and annoyance!!

any suggestions?

BlueBumedFly Thu 21-May-09 22:28:59

Ignore it! The more you get upset and stressed the more he will do it. It could well be teeth it might just be because he can. Up to a year solid food is for experiment and fun. If he is still having plenty of milk then he is getting all the nutrients he needs right now.

DD never eats, she is 2. I always think the next milestone will bring a child who welcomes food but no, I still use weaning pots to freeze her food in. I worried, stressed, yelled, etc but if I totally ignore she gets on and eats a bit more. It is immensely irritating, especially when you have spent hour labouring in the kitchen but try not to worry. Put food on his tray, what he eats he eats and the rest goes in the bin.

He could be teething, maybe a sore throat, maybe just a phase. I was told to imagine I was an OAP in a home, strapped down to a chair and someone kept shoving spoonloads of food in my mouth when I was not hungry. It made me think and I was far more chilled.

ilovesprouts Thu 21-May-09 22:35:29

my son 2.6 spits on table ,floor ,sofa a n rubs it in yuk hes got gdd/sn though

OCDomestic Mon 01-Jun-09 09:40:44

Im totally new to the site and this is my first ever mumsnet message!
I saw your messages and thought my little boy who is 13 months sounds the same. I am a bit worried about it to be honest, as he just isnt putting on very much weight. He is at the 98th centile for his height but isnt even 20lbs yet.
He just wants finger food, will chew it up, but then spits out every bit he should swallow. He is also a bit funny with lumps in anything i try to feed him. He will suck everything else off then spit out the lumps. The Health visitor said its probably just 'his little phase' which wasnt very helpful especially after commenting on his lack of weight gain.
I would love any helful hints of advise, as i also find myself shoving spoonloads of food in whevever he gets distracted.

waytoomuchchocolate Tue 02-Jun-09 10:37:07

just to say that my 9 month old ds is exactly the same, although it's not so much spitting out, as refusing to open his mouth since last week.

i agree with everything Fly said - including how annoying it is! and seems like such a waste of food every meal time!

he doesn't seem to be that affected by not eating anything hmm so for now i am trying to just let him get on with mashing a few bits of bread & banana in his little hand and trying not to get annoyed worry. easier said than done i know! it does help to know i'm not the only one with this problem though grin

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