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Food in nappies - I don't get it???

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ChocOrange05 Wed 20-May-09 17:40:52

Why does it come out exactly as it went in?
Does this mean they aren't getting any goodness from it?
Is it a baby digestive thing or for everyone - I've never inspected an adults no2's! (I don't do them - I'm like the queen. grin)

DS has sweet potato chips for lunch, and mummy had a sweet potato nappy a few hours later!


diedandgonetodevon Wed 20-May-09 17:44:00

I assume it means they are not digested at all. I've noticed 7mo DS obviously just swallows sweetcorn whole as they come out intact grin

wastingmyeducation Wed 20-May-09 17:46:03

It takes a few months before the poo goes 'normal'.
It's a great way of checking how many peas they ate for instance. smile

Pepa Wed 20-May-09 17:48:16

The best thing is when raisens come out reinflated as grapes!!! Also makes me wonder about how much good they can be doing!

3littlefrogs Wed 20-May-09 17:51:44

Well - it doesn't really have very far to

notcitrus Thu 21-May-09 14:57:17

If you feed your baby kiwi fruit you get polka-dot poo!
I found this hysterically funny at 4am a while back...

ChocOrange05 Thu 21-May-09 15:41:08

Today we have had green poo then orange poo then green again - its like a rainbow of poo's!

CherryChoc Thu 21-May-09 22:41:54

It's really put me off melon - that orange melon, the entire poo was the same colour and it had big undigested lumps in and it STANK.

littlelamb Thu 21-May-09 22:43:39

Wait til you try raisins wink
Ds is in washables and I always manage to miss one when I scrape out the poo <<boak>> and end up with a plumped up raisin or two in the washing machine after a wash shock Wholemeal seeded bread was interesting too.

notnowbernard Thu 21-May-09 22:45:08

Wait til they start palming sand at the park...

BALLAST nappies shock

Peanut08 Thu 21-May-09 23:01:46

PMSL at inflated raisin poos. Had forgotten all about them! Anything that can roll out of a nappy (such as peas) used to get me but the nappies I hate are weetabix nappies (DS2's preferred breakfast) all grainy and takes ages and several wipes to remove much like when it's cemented to the highchair grin

ChocOrange05 Fri 22-May-09 08:58:14

So it seems sweet potato is just the tip of the iceberg!!! grin

AnjD Fri 22-May-09 23:17:35

DS had some of my sugar free jelly yesterday, (only after he gave me no peace to eat it alone!. Despite it being blackcurrant on the way in, it was colourless but still clearly jelly on the way out...bizarre!

plimple Fri 22-May-09 23:19:56

Apparently it's just the grape/raisin/sweetcorn skin that's not digested. It gets reinflated with other bits of poo.

ChocOrange05 Sat 23-May-09 07:25:50

This thread is so going on my "topics for dinner conversation" list. grin

Wallace Sat 23-May-09 07:37:15

See, mothers complain that baby and toddler groups are boring because all the other mothers do is "talk about baby poo" but it is actually a fascinating subject grin

FenLondon Sun 24-May-09 10:50:35

sliced mushrooms... smile

GreenMonkies Sun 24-May-09 11:06:06

The simple answer is; yes, it means he's not really digesting it or getting any goodness from it.

Babies of 6 months are only just ready to start playing with food, milk is thier main source of nutrition until they are about 12-18 months old. If you just give him chunks of food and let him feed himself he'll eat as much as he needs. If he can't eat unless it's pureed then he's not ready for solids yet. There is not a magic switch that flicks "on" at the age of 6 months which means they suddenly need three square meals a day. Solids are not important nutritionally for ages yet, so he really only needs bits to play with for now.

ChocOrange05 Sun 24-May-09 17:40:11

Well he's eaten sweet potato chips, cheese fingers, carrot, toast, pitta, humus and I have only seen the sweet potato and carrot in the nappy so maybe he's digesting the other stuff - or maybe they blend in more hmm grin. We are BLW so he is taking what he wants but its obv going straight through.

Oh and there was a piece of grass in his nappy today - that'll teach me for doing lunch in the garden!! grin

GreenMonkies Mon 25-May-09 11:33:29

Ahhh, grass, a well known human staple!! wink

I think most stuff goes through virtually undigested for the first few months, and bit by bit they start to deal with it. Perhaps the sweet potato and carrot was so obvious because of the colour? They are both very orange, where as the others are lighter in colour, and also, perhaps they were easier to eat, so he got more in, where as the "tougher" things like toast and pitta were not so soft and so not as much got swallowed.

As long as it doesn't smell really foul, have mucus or blood flecks in it or is accompanied by belly ache then it's nothing to worry about. It's just an interesting subject for dinner conversation shock

littlelamb Mon 25-May-09 11:36:06

Grass grin
The strangest thing I have found in ds's nappy is glitter. Hazards of having an older sister I guess wink

CherryChoc Mon 25-May-09 11:39:05

Interesting about the skins! I always wondered that - I chew sweetcorn, don't know about anyone else! blush

Skimty Mon 25-May-09 11:46:50

Funnily enough Ds had nappies like this but DD went straight to proper poo nappies from 26 weeks when I started weaning.

I was reallly shocked!!

All we have is a slight tinge and sometimes spinach comes out still all stringy!

GreenMonkies Mon 25-May-09 12:52:09

I chew sweetcorn too, but, obviously most people don't, DP works in a waste water treatment plant and they strain tons and tons of it out every day......

I have found all kinds of weird things in nappies, including long bits of lametta tinsel, in the summer!!

ChocOrange05 Mon 25-May-09 19:09:12

cherry*/*greenmonkies chew your own sweetcorn or chew DC's sweetcorn?? I chew my own sweetcorn - DS hasn't ventured there yet.

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