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Why feed baby yogurts like petit filous?

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SparkyUK Sun 10-May-09 11:46:40

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I was wondering what the point of those baby yogurts/fromage frais are. I mean, why do parents use those rather than just regular yogurts to their kids and babies? They seem more expensive and much more wasteful environmentally. Are they fortified with vitamins that baby wouldn't get otherwise or something?

ruddynorah Sun 10-May-09 11:47:55

there is no point. non at all. people are suckers for marketing.

crokky Sun 10-May-09 11:49:04

I think they are full fat, which is what a baby needs?

Quite nice to have a small pot for a baby, rather than a big adult one?

I think things marketed from 4-6 months have to have strict controls on the ingredients etc?

ruddynorah Sun 10-May-09 11:51:23

i don't think babies need guar gum or xanthan gum though or a load of sugar.

ellingwoman Sun 10-May-09 11:51:37

It's just marketing. It looks attractive to children. I hate the 'no bits' blurb and the amount of packaging as well. Don't let your DCs down that aisle!

BunnyAndJoon Sun 10-May-09 11:52:00

If you look at them they tend to be full of sugar though, as well as full fat. I just gave DD full fat Greek Yoghurt.

No sugar in that

crokky Sun 10-May-09 11:54:24

Is it so bad for them to have a bit of sugar? I used petit filous as a pudding having fed them as babies something like a pureed roast meat, potatoes, veg sort of meal. There was no sugar or salt in the homecooked main course, I don't see the harm in a petit filous. Perhaps I am deluded!

ellingwoman Sun 10-May-09 11:59:51

It's so un-cost effective.

In a pack of 6 you probably have 12 teaspoonfuls - the company must be rubbing their hands at charging £1.50 for that!

And I bet very few people can be bothered to recycle those annoyingly small pots

goingnowherefast Sun 10-May-09 21:47:26

we use rachels organic yoghurts for kids. tasty and no added sugar. i used to use full fat plain yoghurt with fruit added but she's gone off that now!

ravenAK Sun 10-May-09 21:52:00

Yeah, they're a bit crap. Dh buys them a lot because he finds them convenient (he does much of the shopping). I prefer to buy a big tub of yoghurt & dollop it out.

They are useful for out & about at the weaning stage - we've got into the lazy habit of still using them although all 3 dc are over 1.

hanaflower Sun 10-May-09 21:54:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

poppy34 Sun 10-May-09 21:55:07

agree with raven that its convenient - plus dd shares the same averson to yoghurt that I do (I loathe the smell)

AnarchyAunt Sun 10-May-09 21:56:29

I have a better idea.

Go shopping.

Buy a big tub of greek yoghurt.

Then buy a pack of those Gu chocolate puddings that come in the little lidded plastic tubs.

Eat the chocolate puddings.

Then put the greek yoghurt in the pots and voila - little baby-appetite-sized pots of full fat sugar free live yoghurt!


pasturesnew Sun 10-May-09 21:59:53

I like petits filous myself, also they are more often in stock at our local shop than anything nicer, and often on offer too.

Never understood why they are "filous" not "filoux" - if there are any French MNers would like to know about this please!

I love Rachel's range too but have to go to a proper shop for that.

SparkyUK Sun 10-May-09 22:51:50

Thanks - I figured it was a convenience thing / marketing thing but was unsure. I like AnarchyAunt's suggestion - any excuse to work chocolate puds into the equation sounds good to me!

blinks Sun 10-May-09 22:58:47

a tad precious methinks.

most of us survived the synthetic seventies so i think they'll struggle through...

lottiebunny Sun 10-May-09 23:23:52

The little pots are so DP doesn't eat his whole body weight in fromage frais while he's supposed to be feeding the baby.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Mon 11-May-09 09:18:51

I use greek yoghurt with a bit of fruit puree. I buy hipp fruit pots but one will last 3 days so they aren't that much of a wste of money.

I heard that greek yoghurt is usually pasteurised though so it's not live?

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 11-May-09 09:21:06

Another vote for the Rachels organic kids' yogurts (no sugar) -- we have them as a treat sometimes. Bit more to them as well for the baby with a larger appetite

Northernlurker Mon 11-May-09 09:29:33

My daughter roundly rejected the rachels yoghurts. I found out why when I tasted them myself - they are DULL.

Sugar is not poisonous, a small amount of yummy sweet stuff as part of a blanced diet will not in fact cause your child to explode.

ThingOne Mon 11-May-09 09:33:17

They're another triumph of marketing over substance. There are plenty of full fat yoghurts around.

My DS2 was quite happy to have full fat natural yoghurt from my big pot until he discovered that there was a pinker alternative. And I then had no excuse to delay my return to low fat.

Until he wanted a full pot, I just gave him part of it in a gu chocolate pot. I thought it was my unique idea <stomp>.

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 11-May-09 09:39:37

We are not totally anti-sugar, but DS actually likes them & I figure that's no bad thing.

HolidaysQueen Mon 11-May-09 09:40:18

yeo valley tumblers have more sugar than adult yeo valley... hmm now sure how anyone can justify that.

yes, a little bit of sweetness does no harm and is part of the joy of eating food, but why give them sugar, which has no nutritional value, when they could have sweet fruit which also have plenty of vitamins and the sugar is so not necessary for the product? i have a big sweet tooth and am convinced it wasn't helped by always being given a sweet dessert when i was little.

so for us it's yoghurt/fromage fraise without added sugar (first stage rachel's organic, little dish, or just normal plain yoghurt with fruit) as he has at least one a day and i'd rather at his age (13mo) that he doesn't get an unnecessary taste for sugar. but he is allowed the occasional piece of cake or biscuit or chocolate (maybe once or twice a week) as i don't want him to suddenly have a sugar rush when he is older!

runnyhabbit Mon 11-May-09 09:47:49

Could someone please let me know where all the full fat yoghurts are then please?

In our Tesco, Apart from the muller corners, there are NO full fat yoghurts. And I really begrudged paying for the "childrens" yoghurts

BonsoirAnna Mon 11-May-09 09:56:58

Only a very few words ending in -ou in French have their plural in -oux. -ous is standard pluralisation of -ou.

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