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DS refusing savoury foods

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helenlouisey Tue 05-May-09 17:53:49

Hi - my DS is refusing any savoury foods. He loves Baby rice, porridge, rice pudding, yoghurt etc, and will eat some fruit purees as long as quite sweet fruits, nothing too sour.

Any advice as to how to get him to eat savoury foods? He just spits them out or gags, and has even made himself sick when taking a big mouthful without realising it was savoury and swallowing it !!!!!

Should I start mixing savoury things to his rice or yoghurts and gradually increase the proportions of savoury foods, or do I keep persisting with offering savoury foods. I have tried BLW and he does exactly the same thing when offered anything savoury this way as well !!!


wahwah1270 Tue 05-May-09 18:25:14

how old is he?

specialmagiclady Tue 05-May-09 18:29:23

I used to stir apple puree into EVERYTHING (froze it in ice cube makers so could choose to add a tiny amount if necessary).

Do you include sweet potato and carrot in savoury category? They are very sweet but count as vegetables so not such a worry!

Try mixing things up with a bit of apple puree, then slowly decreasing the amount of apple in the "recipe" until he's eating whatever it is you want him to eat.

Pea puree also very sweet but requires mouli.. PITA and you get such a tiny amount..

Ferretgirl Mon 08-Jun-09 12:51:38

My DD is exactly the same - I've resorted to dipping each spoonful of savoury into yoghurt and that sometimes fools her. Am hoping this will not be forever....

nicnic01 Wed 10-Jun-09 21:27:13

my dd was the same. Would blow raspberries at the mere sight of anything savoury. I wasted so much food! It lasted a few weeks and I was regularly spayed with carrot etc. I just kept trying every day then not making a big deal of it the giving her a pudding (friut puree) as recomended by HV. One day she just started taking the savoury stuff. She still doesnt eat much savoury stuff (8months now) and it can be a challenge at times but I find that the more I stress and keep trying if she isnt interested, the worse it gets. Although I do manage to get a few more spoon fulls into her if I distract her with a toy/second spoon. Mixing sweet and savoury didnt work for us.
I would just say, dont worry about it too much but keep gently trying at every meal to get him used to the tastes if possible.

alannabanana Sat 13-Jun-09 13:42:02

another vote for apple puree here. it seems weird mixing apple with stuff to us adults coz we know better but babies just need to get used to savoury tastes, and obviously they are more drawn to the sweet stuff. you can gradually reduce the amount of apple you put into the mix so eventually he won't even realise he's eating savoury stuff.
also orange veg is a good sweetish base for introducing other foods.
good luck!

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