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8 month old wont drink from cup or eat lumpy food

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Jenice Fri 24-Apr-09 10:42:17

Basically DS wont drink water or juice from a cup and I have been trying for ages to encourage him with no success.

Also I have to puree everything as he chokes if there is the slightest lump in his food and eventually makes himself sick so its back to the start again as he empties his tummy. He doesn't have any teeth yet so I am hoping this will change when they appear.

Any advice?

CherryChoc Fri 24-Apr-09 14:47:33

If he is bf he should be able to have a drink by bf - if he's ff, will he take water from a bottle? Juice not really needed at this stage. Water only important to prevent constipation etc I think so just watch out for signs of that. No rush to introduce cup just yet, you can leave it for a month or two.

As for lumps, have you tried skipping lumpy foods and going straight to finger foods? Some babies are a bit confused by lumpy puree type foods. Start with a finger of toast maybe - does he chew things yet, like teething rings/toys etc?

Sorry for briefness, DS is trying to "help"!

FrankMustard Fri 24-Apr-09 14:49:54

agree with cherrychoc - why not try finger foods as ds might be more interested if he's doing it himself. He's almost certainly going to change his mind once teeth come through so no hurry with lots of lumpy stuff (you'll be forever checking he can manage to chew it with his gums!) but gradually introducing things he can suck on will help him with teething anyway.
Fun times!

Jenice Fri 24-Apr-09 23:38:33

Thanks for the replies.

The reason I have been trying the cup is that the HV said to try and associate bottles with formula only and to introduce the baby cup from when weaning starts. I did in my despair try the bottle with water and although he did drink a wee bit I think I just got obsessed with trying to use the cup on HVs advice. I will stop stressing about it and just make sure he is getting enough fluid.

Stupid question. Fingers of toast, plain or with what on it?? I'm so stupid when it comes to these things as this is my first.

OatcakeCravings Sat 25-Apr-09 17:54:46

Well my DS is nearly 11 months old and still vomits every time I introduce lumps so I've given up! I puree everything and then give him some finger foods as well to suck on - things like toast, fruit, veg, rice cakes etc. He only has 2 teeth so I'm thinking that when he gets a few more he'll realise that he has to chew.

I've never seen a 5 year old that can't eat a bag of crisps so I'm assuming that I won't still be pureeing food by the time he goes to school (though sometimes I think that he might be the first blush

CherryChoc Sat 25-Apr-09 18:42:08

I just give DS toast plain as it's less messy that way grin Bread contains quite a lot of salt so I don't add butter. You can spread things like cream cheese or homous on if you want to, or maybe fruit puree? Perhaps start plain or with something you know he likes. I actually tend to give him toast in triangles (1/4 of a slice) rather than fingers as the crusts help keep it together.

HVs seem obsessed with bottles (among other things!!) I really wouldn't worry about it - as long as he gets water when he needs it it should be fine. I think you're supposed to stop using bottles at 12 months ish. But really if you only ever use them for milk or water (ie not juice/squash) there shouldn't be a problem with that.

Jenice Sat 25-Apr-09 21:31:07

Oatcake - Its a relief that DS is not the only one!

I'll give finger food a much better go tomorrow.


kalo12 Sat 25-Apr-09 21:33:57

my ds didn't eat anything at all til he was ten months! most HVs freaked but i met a sane one who said it was normal.

i used tommee tippee spout cups, they were the best

weebump Sat 25-Apr-09 21:50:06

Don't worry about the cup. Just have it there at every meal time with a little water in it (not full or it's too heavy). Agree the tommee tippee ones are good. It'll take time but your lo will get used to it and will be swigging back the water like a pro. My lo is 16 months and it's only in the last few months that she's really confident with her cup, calling "cheers" and clinking cups with us. Every now and then she has a go without the lid to get used to that.

If you're worried about how much fluids are actually drunk offer some in a bottle as well between meals.

Sophie2008 Sat 25-Apr-09 23:24:14

my daughter is 8 motnhs old and is the same as your DS Jenice.
She will not eat lumpy food. After about three spoon fulls, it all comes back up again, and its back to the pureed stuff.

She eats finger food, but only a little bit before it ends up on the floor.

She will drink from a beaker, it took a while to get her used to it. but she will not drink water, so i give her juice.

I was starting to worry about her not taking lumpy food. i even tried the baby pasta in with her pureed food, so there was only the fewest of bits in it, and that didn't work either for me. Maybe it might for you. just an idea.

Mamulik Sun 26-Apr-09 19:26:06

please don't force him, its not fair for your baby. imagine you had no teeth and somebody tried and feed you

OCDomestic Mon 01-Jun-09 09:48:44

My son is almost 13 months and still will not drink from a cup. I have tried 4 different cups over a period of about 5-6 months and still no joy. Im getting a bit frustrated about it now.
As for lumpy food, it took him ages to eat textured food and eventually he managed a few bits but went straight to finger food and loves it. Only problem is he chews it all up then spits out the bits he should swallow. Help!

sweetnitanitro Mon 01-Jun-09 10:09:56

My DD is 8 months and sometimes she won't eat lumpy food although I have had some success in the last few days giving her bits of melon to gum on (she only has one tiny little tooth). Might be worth a go?

She wouldn't drink out of a bottle or one of those cups with a spout and it took me ages to figure out that she will only drink from a glass (plastic one) like a proper grown up grin, the little madam. I have to hold it up otherwise she chucks it down herself but she drinks more from a normal cup than a bottle or spout.

starrmummy Mon 08-Jun-09 14:04:05

My 10 month old is the same - she won't drink from a beaker (though does drink water from the bottle) and can only manage very small lumps (tiny pieces of pasta or cous cous). I have tried finger foods, but it is very hit and miss if she will bring it all back again. I worry that she is not doing what she should be, but ultimately she is happy, healthy and gaining wieght, which are the most important things.

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