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Do I need to use plastic/rubber spoons?

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CherryChoc Sat 11-Apr-09 02:33:58

Probably being silly, but I suddenly remembered the other day that my stepmum used to say that metal spoons damage babies' mouths.

We are doing BLW with occasional loaded spoon. I've been using normal teaspoons. DS doesn't seem to be hurt by them and can get a good enough grip on them, but is it ok? Or do I need to buy some weaning spoons? He is 6 months and has 2 teeth.

And yes I know weaning spoons cost about 50p, but it's more the hassle of going to the shop, I don't get into the town centre very often.

littleboyblue Sat 11-Apr-09 03:42:42

You aren't supposed to use 'real' spoons with a child under 12 months. It has something to do with teeth, but I don't know what. Don't you go food shopping? You can buy them in the supermarket or justorder on-line..........

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sat 11-Apr-09 09:30:19

I would if you are doing spoons, my DS tends to shove the spoon in til he gags which would hurt with a metal spoon. They were 6 for £2 something from boots but you can get them from asda or anywhere.

motherofmany Sat 11-Apr-09 11:41:12

the little plastic spoons are useful when you are using very sloppy purees at the beginning when a babe's not learnt to open its mouth properly but it sounds like you are asking about a baby who's seeking food and lets face it there are many times during a baby's life when you are out and have to give them something with any spoon available-usually a metal teaspoon. i've never had any problemshmm

Mamulik Sat 11-Apr-09 11:55:15

plastic spoons much better for baby

Seona1973 Sat 11-Apr-09 14:21:08

I would have said that plastic spoons are more for when your lo has no teeth and they are in contact with just the gums. A normal teaspoon would be fine for a baby with teeth. I have never read anywhere about using only plastic spoons under 1 year. DS was using a metal childrens fork/spoon well before the age of 1.

Takver Sat 11-Apr-09 14:51:22

Look at it this way, babies survived pretty well in the centuries in between the invention of spoons and the invention of plastic.

(Feels smug here as dd was weaned with the aid of excessively classy silver weaning spoon from Tiffanies provided by kind hearted - and rich - American neighbour as baby-gift!)

milgen Tue 13-Feb-18 12:45:25

Babies are surrounded by so much plastic these days and it is a poison and gives off dioxins, and also pollutes the planet.
Would you enjoy food from a plastic spoon? I would not.
Plastic teething rings, plastic toys, it is a big worry. We should expose our babies to as little plastic as possible.
:So no plastic teething rings or plastic dummies or plastic spoons, or plastic toys..
:A real stainless steel or silver spoon and good wooden toys

FartnissEverbeans Wed 14-Feb-18 14:59:19

Would you enjoy food from a plastic spoon? I would not.

What a bizarre thing to say

OP, I used plastic spoons and now I have dozens of the frigging things cluttering up my drawers. I wish I hadn't bothered and won't next time

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