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Cosatto 3-sixti - I love the look of it but is it any good???

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Honeymoonmummy Thu 02-Apr-09 20:40:13

Has anyone got one of these chairs and is it any good?? I can't find any reviews of it or find it in any shops to have a look!

giantkatestacks Thu 02-Apr-09 20:42:38

Blardy hell what is that? ikea antilop. End of.


CMOTdibbler Thu 02-Apr-09 20:43:58

You want an Antilop or a Trip Trapp. Easy choice.

Honeymoonmummy Thu 02-Apr-09 21:04:48

I'm gonna get the Antilop as a "grandparents" highchair and I can't stand the look of the Tripp Trapp.

Habbibu Thu 02-Apr-09 21:07:32

That looks like a festival of cleaning. The novelty of high chairs wears off, esp. when you think waht else you might spend £100+ on...

BabyBaby123 Thu 02-Apr-09 21:10:27

it's a waste of money! You only need a basic one, honestly

Honeymoonmummy Thu 02-Apr-09 21:47:44

Oh but this one looks really nice! sad

Habbibu Thu 02-Apr-09 22:03:23

they all do until they're covered in pasta sauce and weetabix. Seriously - what else could you spend £100 on?

whingeomatic Thu 02-Apr-09 22:06:23

will drive you insane as you try and prise solidified goo out of all the seams/nooks & crannies!!

learned lesson from dd1 - we have the Antilop for dd2 grin

CherryChoc Thu 02-Apr-09 22:16:43

Surely you can get a nice looking one for less than that though?

I hate plain when it comes to baby things. I disagree with all the threads which say just dress baby in white vests/sleepsuits for the first few weeks. BORING! But having said that there are nice highchairs which don't cost that much. And must agree with the all-plastic suggestion, or at least one with separate covers, which you can have at least 3 of, to rotate through the wash!

For the record I have the Fisher Price Rainforest booster seat. It's not plain but it might not be pretty to your taste either... I liked it I didn't like the look of the Antilop.

giantkatestacks Thu 02-Apr-09 22:19:51

I know what you're saying cherrychoc but theres plain and then theres absurdly practical and better than anything you've ever tried at anyone elses house/cafe etc

Vikkster Sat 16-May-09 14:35:31

The Cosatto 3-sixti is the best high chair, we love it. Easy to clean, easy to get little one in and out of, tray brilliant and being able to use it with a tray or at the table without (the height is infinitely adjustable to suit most tables)is great. Harness was a little big for her to start with and not sure how it will cope when she's a lot heavier but at the moment we're VERY glad we chose it. I would recommend to anyone.

Honeymoonmummy Wed 23-Sep-09 21:20:02

I got the 3-sixti in the end and also have an Antilop for the kitchen. The Antilop is still spotless...the Cosatto has a smelly discoloured cover which we have now removed so it's just the plastic ... hmm

1stMrsF Wed 23-Sep-09 21:42:57

Do you mean the Antilop is still spotless because you haven't used it, or because it's easier to clean?

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