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weaning food recipes

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biglips Tue 19-Apr-05 10:56:59

pls anyone (baba is 6 months old) as ive ran out of ideas

hayleylou Tue 19-Apr-05 10:58:19

Sunday lunch munched down? DD loved spag bog?

tunise Tue 19-Apr-05 11:00:10

I'm sure lots of people will say the same, but the Annabel karmel, baby and toddler meal planner book is really good. Dd is also 6 months and has eaten everything i have made so far. Hope that helps.

Gobbledigook Tue 19-Apr-05 11:03:23

I got one from MN the other day that I'd not thought of and it's really easy - pea and sweetcorn puree. I also mix this with cous cous (but ds3 is 7.5 months now).

I also do brocolli and cauliflower together with cheese grated on and mixed in.

Sweet potato with cod and peas.

Non-cook - banana and strawberries blended together.

nailpolish Tue 19-Apr-05 11:09:44

i also like annabel karmel - and i got a great weaning book from m and s

dd's fave just now - (shes 6 mths)

potato and leek soup

chicken stock

cook leeks down with butter to soften
add 4oomls chicken stock and boil with potatoes

puree in blender together

add fromage frais at the end, blend together

suitable for freezing too

tunise Tue 19-Apr-05 11:22:46

Dd personal fave at the mo is a tasty little number consisting of sweet pot, parsnip and spinach. (it even looks as delightful as it sounds!
Cook sweet pot and parsnip for 20 or so mins in either water or chicken stock, add a little frozen spinach at the end, and just blend.
Most combinations of veg or fruit can be used now, or you could start adding a little chicken or fish to veg purees.

Beansmum Tue 19-Apr-05 11:27:06

I love annabel karmel, loads of good ideas.
Ds liked anything with sweet potato in it at that age, sweet potato, spinach and peas was his favorite, also sweet potato and cod, poach the fish in milk firt and then add to mashed sweet potato.

biglips Tue 19-Apr-05 16:44:36

question about frozen vegs, is it safe to use them as puree?

lunarx Tue 19-Apr-05 17:02:42

i've used quite a few frozen veg in puree's/mashed/in mixes for ds and its all been fine

biglips Thu 21-Apr-05 20:24:00

about frozen vegs - how do i puree just the vegs? or do i have to mix it with summat else?

compo Thu 21-Apr-05 20:24:39

just put a bit of the cooking water into the blender.

biglips Thu 21-Apr-05 20:26:47


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