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What age did you wean - be honest!

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Rhian82 Thu 12-Mar-09 11:06:18

So yes, I know the official advice is six months and that we all think waiting till then is best, but in honesty, how old were your kids when they first tasted solid food?

I don't think I know anyone in RL that waited till six months!

wahwah1270 Thu 12-Mar-09 11:09:44

i was 6 m to the day

squeaver Thu 12-Mar-09 11:10:17

5 1/2 months.

hazeyjane Thu 12-Mar-09 11:11:01

dd1 21 weeks (on paediatrician advice)

dd2 28 weeks

hermionegrangerat34 Thu 12-Mar-09 11:12:09

ds1 - 11 weeks.
ds2 - about 12/13 weeks.

Seeline Thu 12-Mar-09 11:12:19

Both mine were 4 months - but that was the advice then. My Mum says she started me at 6 weeks - but that was 40 yrs ago, and the advice then.

wastingmyeducation Thu 12-Mar-09 11:13:01

25 weeks and 5 days. Wanted to start on the weekend. smile

hermionegrangerat34 Thu 12-Mar-09 11:13:33

By the way, that is 'first tasted solid food' not 'was weaned by then'! Obviously still mainly milk at that point, but little tastes of purees/finger foods too. Ds1 started the process himself by reaching out and grabbing a fistful of summer pudding from my plate and eating it with every sign of satisfaction and no ill effects, so true baby-led weaning!

Lulumama Thu 12-Mar-09 11:16:21

25 weeks and 3 days with DD who is 3.7 yrs

the 26 weeks is not set in stone, but it is useful to know that most babies can safely have solids by then

signs of readiness for solid food are sitting unaided with good head control, pincer grip, loss of tongue thrust reflex and ability to pick up, chew and swallow food. more frequent feeds and night wakings are not reliable signs.

milk is still the most calorific and nutritious thing you can give your baby , pretty much for the first year

Ds was weaned younger, in accordance with the advice then. he was alos sitting at 4 months !!

Lindenlass Thu 12-Mar-09 11:18:40

6m for all 4 of mine, all BLW too. Would hate to wean earlier - totally unecessary waste of time and energy! The longer they can be excl. bfed the better IMHO!

electra Thu 12-Mar-09 11:19:28

4 months both times - will not be doing that again!!

electra Thu 12-Mar-09 11:20:26

Actually, dd2 did not take to it at all, so I just left it and she never ate much solid food at all until she was about 12 months old.

StealthPolarBear Thu 12-Mar-09 11:20:39

23 weeks and 2 days (gave him some vegetables when we were hvaing Sunday dinner!)
Tasted absolutely nothing other than milk and medicines before then

lizziemun Thu 12-Mar-09 11:22:09

dd1 20wks as per advice at the time. But now wished i waited because i don't think she was ready. At 5 yrs still eats enough to keep a fussy knat alive.

dd2 19wks had to because she wouldn't drink any milk. Would take over an hour to get her to take 4oz milk with screaming and me cryingsad. From day 1 she has loved her food, haven't found anything she will not eat.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 12-Mar-09 11:28:17

DD was 3 and a half months, accoprding to advice 13 (!) years ago.

Wish BLW weaning was around then. Remember hours of poncing around pushing cooked vegetables through a sieve. Then for DD to take a cursory lick at the puree and just want more milk. Remember the tears and frustration, why won't she eat, I thought she would starve.

Would have been so much easier to have given her some banana and carrots at 6 months!

MrsTittleMouse Thu 12-Mar-09 11:32:44

DD1 24 weeks (but was baby rice and EBM - no vegetables until 6 months)
DD2 will be 26 weeks at least! I have no time and no illusions that it will help her sleep.

doggiesayswoof Thu 12-Mar-09 11:34:33

DD, 22 weeks
DS, 6 months, and he ate hardly anything until about 8 months

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 12-Mar-09 11:39:24

DD was 20 weeks

DS 7 months

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Thu 12-Mar-09 11:41:57

DS was 4 months
DD was 6 months

MrsJamin Thu 12-Mar-09 11:46:18

DS was 6 months and 1 day.

abraid Thu 12-Mar-09 11:47:08

15 and a half weeks for both of them. Recommendation was 16 weeks back then, so I was two days off.

These days I would follow the update recommendation of six months. I wish it had been around then.

We had a LOT of pressure from my husband's family to wean at 12 weeks and it took some steel to tell them we wouldn't be doing this.

BelleWatling Thu 12-Mar-09 11:48:22

i have not weaned my 4 month old yet...just came to say my mum gave me my first solid food (cornflakes?!) at ... 2 weeks.


girlandboy Thu 12-Mar-09 11:54:58

4 months for both of mine, but that was the advice then. They don't seem any the worse for it.

Dh was on solids at 6 weeks in 1960.

Jux Thu 12-Mar-09 12:00:06

4 months; can't remember what the official advice was at the time.

CMOTDibbler Thu 12-Mar-09 12:05:04

26 weeks

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