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Drinking water

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Woofles Mon 02-Mar-09 17:15:21

at what age can you stop boiling drinking water for babies?

compo Mon 02-Mar-09 17:16:11

I never bothered boiling it blush but iirc 6 months

SnowlightMcKenzie Mon 02-Mar-09 17:21:29

never did it, but then only gave it at 6 months when weaning

lou222 Mon 02-Mar-09 18:04:17

i boil it and he's 8 months!

crokky Mon 02-Mar-09 18:12:00

I never boiled it for DD - she was breastfed, then had tap water from 6m.

(For my PFB DS, I boiled for 12 months!!)

Seona1973 Mon 02-Mar-09 19:51:06

tap water is fine as a drink from 6 months.

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