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DS is 6m in 7 days but cannot sit up (BLW)

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LadyOfWaffle Sun 15-Feb-09 11:25:46

Is it still OK to wean? He tries hard to pull himself up but cannot yet, despite being a big boy Highchair isn't here yet so don't know if he'll sit in it yet hmm Was going to do BLW. Thankyou

giantkatestacks Sun 15-Feb-09 14:36:50

Mine would sit in the antilop quite happily before she could sit up herself on the floor if thats any help...

Have you got a bumbo? Could you borrow one?

bohemianbint Sun 15-Feb-09 14:40:12

I've been lettign DS just sit on my knee. He can swipe my food quite happily off me from there!

LadyOfWaffle Sun 15-Feb-09 14:40:43

I do have a bumbo somewhere...

fairimum Sun 15-Feb-09 22:21:19

My DD is almost 9 months and can't pull herself up to sitting from lying down! But can sit fine if I sit her up! The antilop was and is fantastic - used it first with the blow up bit which helped when she was a bit wobbly! Also hand her sticks of things, toast etc in bumbo and she feeds herself!

terramum Mon 16-Feb-09 12:04:23

DS couldn't sit unaided at 6 months so we waited until he could....didn't have to wait long - he ate his first solids (BLW: steamed carrots sticks) at 29 weeks grin.

It will do your DS no harm to wait until he can sit fact it will protect him - he'll be less likely to choke if he can sit unaided.

pispirispis Mon 16-Feb-09 18:51:11

My dd is nearly 10 months and is crawling and standing but can't really sit properly. We've been BLW since she was 7 mo with no probs (did purees before then and changed to BLW

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