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Can I give my 8 month old tinned fruit as finger food?

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bobsi Sun 01-Feb-09 19:53:04

Is it ok to give my 8 month old ds tinned fruit to try out as finger food. I mean the little tins of Fruitini. Obviously I'd drain the juice off. I think the consistancy would be just right for him to chomp on but was wondering if there was any reason why this option is much worse than fresh fruit. He has fresh fruit often but this would be very convenient from time to time.

Seona1973 Sun 01-Feb-09 19:54:29

perfectly fine. Tinned fruit also counts towards a fruit portion.

pavlovthecat Sun 01-Feb-09 19:55:47

Yes they would be perfect as finger food! Nothing wrong with lots of different varieties of fruit, fresh, frozen, tinned, dried. All good for LOs.

NorktasticNinja Sun 01-Feb-09 19:57:01

IMO fresh fruit is best, but if it's a case of tinned fruit or no fruit I suppose it's OK. As long as it's in juice rather than syrup, obviosly.

I just used to take a banana or some ready sliced fruit with us in a tub when we went out.

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