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Best foods for dairy intolerant, mild refluxy 7.5m baby

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beanbearer Sun 01-Feb-09 14:09:48

Hi everyone,

Ideas sought!

I was all geared up to go BLW route with #2 but despite knowing better was also hanging out for solids to magically cure his 1-2 hour sleep patterns (since birth, all night, speeding up towards morning). That's the long way of saying I've been trying to get him to eat porridge (Plum's mix of quinoa and oat) and purees as he doesn't seem to want anything he has to pick up.

He tries everything with a look of surprise and disgust. Parsnip, pea and rice he'll come back for, mashed banana he loves but pureed apple, raisin and apricot isn't a winner, porridge with BM he's not too keen but eats 4 or 5 small spoonfuls. Squash and peppers have been rejected out of hand and he was sick once after potato but seemed fine another time.

Just at a bit of a loss to know what to try. Should I go back to BLW and wait till he shows more interest? If so, what foods have people with refluxy babies found that their babies go for? (I should add that his reflux is not the violently sick, slow-weight gain type, his is a BM-as-antacid, feed-round-the-clock and prefer never to lie down type)

I'd be very grateful for anything people can suggest.

PuzzleRocks Sun 01-Feb-09 20:47:19

Bumping for you.

IlanaK Sun 01-Feb-09 20:51:54

Well, we are BLW ds3 who is 6 and a bit months. He fits in the dairy intolerant refluxy catagory. He has so far had a bit of whatever we have in stick form. Cooked (steamed or roasted) veg like carrot, parsnip, celariac, potato. He likes raw cucumber. He has had fruits like pear, apple, mango, pinapple, melon. He has sucked on a little bit of meat. He likes bread with hummous.

BUT.....only small amounts are actually being consumed (getting past the mouth). So it makes no difference at all to his sleep.

SweetBasil Mon 02-Feb-09 17:43:35

I have a dairy intolerant refluxy 8 month babe and I've been advised by our wonderful paed to keep him off wheat and eggs as well until he's a year.

Breakfast is a Plum's super porridge (the four grain one) mixed with water, a sprinkle of Neocate and half a tub fruit (cow and gate or hipp organic). If he's not in the mood for breakfast, I dollop in more fruit. I've heard that apples should be avoided for refluxy babies. I guess I have steered away from them without consciously deciding to. Pears are a huge success. In more energetic times, I'll stew my own and freeze.

Lunch is the main meal - a lamb, beef, chicken, fish or quinoa cooked with veggies. Usually that will be the same food that the grown-ups eat, pre-seasoned (though he eats garlic and some herbs) - so either a stew or baked or grilled food lightly gone over with my whizz stick. Again, at my paed's advice, I delayed introducing lentils, chickpeas and beans. I have tried lentils and each time he's slept badly so I'm off it again. I'm not convinced by potatoes so rice is the main carb we use. A bit boring, but he eats well.

I usually opt for a veg + carb supper. Eg squooshed up roasted marrow and sweet potato. I'll let him suck on the whole marrow or bite broccoli florets but I'm in the process of confronting my fears of choking and haven't quite managed to sit back and let him eat soft veg (rice cakes much easier).

In short, rice, easy to digest proteins, a small bit of potato and a wide range of veg. I've just discovered the Neocate site has recipes for cooking with formula - I'm very conscious that there's no dairy in his diet.

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