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weaning-fussy eater

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daisey Tue 05-Apr-05 23:09:46

My ds is 6mths and we have been trying to wean him for the last 2mths. At first eating was a novelty-he would down the baby rice, farleys etc but now weve moved on to the pureed fruit and veg (during the last 4wks) he wont have ne of it.Ive tried giving him homemade food but still he refuses.All I seem to be giving him is porridge and toast, Im struggling to find ne thing he likes apart from the obvious dessert dishes. Im just really worried hes not meeting his nutritional requirements. Sumtimes refuses to eat altogethr and just wants the breast.

jackeroo Wed 06-Apr-05 12:37:16

my DS went through a fussy stage around 7 months - he wouldn't eat at all some days. i tried to be as relaxed as possible about it and gave him all the milk he wanted. eventually he seemed to go for it and now, at 10 months he's quite a big eater and will try most things. sounds like a stage but i'd ask HV if it continues. one thing he started to like was avocado, banana and greek yoghurt blended - to which i started to add salmon or chicken. he also recently started to eat scrambled egg mixed with melted cheese, and blended veg with houmous. he liked hipp organic jars initially over my cooking too but will now eat either which i find handy - i started to give him food i'd made on the side of one of his jars to get him used to it. he may want more in the way of finger foods too? good luck.

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