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Vegetarian 1 year old baby

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arabicabean Sun 25-Jan-09 14:11:32

I was wondering about other mothers' experiences feeding their one year old vegetarian babies. Also, do you rely on diet to supply omega-3 fatty acid or supplement by adding a small amount of flax seed oil?

My baby is just a week into feeding himself and is quite enjoying the new foods I am giving him. We have had success with a quite a variety of food, but he draws the line (so far) on bread and cereal.

bubbleymummy Sun 25-Jan-09 14:43:48

Hi - I didn't supplement anything for DS - he was completely veggie until 2 (I think!) but now he likes fish and prawns as well sometimes (DH is a carnivore! ) You say he doesn't like bread - Have you tried breadsticks and houmous? - DS loved that. Wasn't a big fan of toast - but liked toasted wholegrain pitta - also with houmous - he liked to dip things! He always had porridge for breakfast (with honey after a year) so I didn't worry too much about other cereals because he liked that. I didn't actively do anything about omega 3 - isn't there some confusion about how much we actually need or something? As in there is no RDA...

bubbleymummy Sun 25-Jan-09 14:55:39

Just remembered that DS loved avocado and ate it quite often - so maybe that's why I wasn't too worried about it! Maybe try it with your DS? If he doesn't like it by himself - it's v yummy mixed with pear.

inzidoodle Sun 25-Jan-09 15:06:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

arabicabean Mon 26-Jan-09 14:26:38

Thanks for the responses. I phoned the HV today and she said it would be fine to add a bit of flax seed oil to his food. She agreed that since he was not going to have oily fish this was a good thing to do.

bubbleymummy - I have not tried breadsticks yet. Will look for some organic ones, otherwise will make my own. I have tried French toast and cheese on toast. They don't get touched, but he is happy to finger feed himself omelette and cheese. Since he loves tomatoes and has had garlic in food, I will try him on little pieces of bruschetta.

inzidoodle - I have tried all the organic, no sugar and no nut cereals I could find (list included porridge and weetabix). I even made flapjacks, but he picked out the raisins to eat and ignored the oats! Well, I will keep trying.

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