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How old was your dc when they feed themselves?

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Fable Thu 22-Jan-09 11:31:24

DD is 14 months and feeds herself using her hands mostly. I load up a spoon and she will sometimes take it but then sometimes she refuses to be spoon fed at all or she throws the spoon and digs in with her hands.

TBH I let her get on with it. She eats everything I give her (even if it is with her hands) and I dont the see the benefit of getting stressed over it.

My friends however are quite shocked. One of them said their ds was feeding themselves with a spoon at 6 months and another said she is refusing the spoon because I must have hurt her with it.

So am I doing something wrong?

sarah293 Thu 22-Jan-09 11:33:55

Message withdrawn

Fable Thu 22-Jan-09 12:15:11

Thanks Riven, I thought it was pretty normal behaviour

Northernlurker Thu 22-Jan-09 12:22:53

Dd3 started feeding herself well when we were on holiday in the summer. She was 16 months then. Can't remember what the others did but your daughter's behaviour sounds absolutely fine and your friends sound deluded or bonkers grin

Fable Thu 22-Jan-09 12:28:13

grin NL, I did think the same but thought I'd better check it wasn't me that was crazy

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