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Weaning and allergies

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Polina Sat 02-Apr-05 11:04:24

Can I ask the experts what are the problems apart from allergy issues that current research has decided stem from weaning before six months?

I am interested as we have a massively long history of allergy problems, but none of the current generation of babies has started to thrive until solids introduced, although during this generation the advice has gone from 8 week weaning to 6 months - and the allergy profiles are exactly the same.

With ds I was advised by the HV to withhold solids until 7 months, although in the next breath she told me how important it was to have him on a varied diet by 6 months, and that I should leave three days between the introduction of new foods. The fact that this doesn't add up didn't seem to worry her at all..... sometimes I feel I am dealing with people with no logic whatsoever.

When he was referred to the paediatrician consultant (failing to thrive, not putting on more than an oz or two per week if that, despite feeding being closely monitored - we went into hospital for observation of feeding to check it was all going OK), we were told to start him on solids at 13 weeks (tiny portions of baby rice at first). When I came back and told the HV she flipped out, and told me I would damage ds if I went forward, but couldn't come up with any reasons other than vague hints about allergies, which frankly he hasn't a dog's chance of avoiding given the family history.

Within the first week of rice he put on 14oz and has never looked back, noiw back up to 75tgh centile despite dropping to 0.4th at one stage.

I asked the paediatrician, who said that the WHO guidelines are just that, guidelines, and that there will be the odd babe who needs different treatment. I thought this sounded pretty sensible but the HV is STILL freaking at me about my following their advice and blames every tiny blip from a spot to teething troubles on this.

I would really like to pick the brains of the mumsnet experts to find out what the problems of early weaning REALLY are as loopy HV never gives me any hard facts except to say the paediatrician is wrong and I have probably irretrievably damaged my child - not helpful!

PS we have a nice HV too who just says He seems fine, you probably did the right thing but the other one is making me neurotic!

MrsBigD Sat 02-Apr-05 12:25:23

Polina, not an expert re the allergies, but as far as HV's go... I used to have a draconian HV who actually told me to strap dd into her highchair and force feed her when she didn't make it past the 0.4 percentile. Considering dd was born on the 0.4 percentile I didn't see the problem. Fair enough she was and still is a fussy eater (now 3) but tbh I gave more faith into what the docs after lots of tests and observation and the nutritionists said than what that particular HV said. Especially as HV indicated that she'd call social services if I don't go see the paediatrician! I was soooo cross... how dare she imply that I didn't try everything to get dd to eat and put on weight. DD still only weighs around 11kg (just under 2stn I think) but is healthy and active as.

Anyhow dd started solids at 3 months and no allergies whatsoever

Now I've got ds (now 8m( and he's been on solids since 2m old as he was just always sooooo hungry. Had a different HV with him and she said whether I tried him on tea, which I had (2 bottles a day!) so she said 'well I guess he's ready then'. And so he is. He doesn't even like babymush but wants real food. So far favourites are toast, bread of any kind, bananas, potatoes, carrots anything really to chew on as he wants to feed himself. He's even had prawn crackers! dd fed them to him. No reaction whatsover to anything. And when I went to see the nutritionist for dd last time I had ds with me and she just asked me 'what ya feeding him on' as he now weighs the same as dd does so you see she had no objections whatsoever that he started that early as he had not displayed any problems.

Oh and I was worried myself as I am an allergic person (hayfever and various not too severe grain food allergies ).

Sorry I went on a bit, just wanted to reassure you that HV don't know it all (sorry to the HV's on here as I'm sure there are good ones out there)

donnacb Sat 02-Apr-05 20:30:11

Hi have same problem. i have a milk allergy so have been breast feeding for past five months as adviced to give breast milk or non dairy formula until at least 6 months and no cows milk until a year. The dietician at my hospital told me to start solids as soon as dd wanted so started right on 16 weeks. he loves it. the only problem I have with him is he gets mighty constipted and actually cries when passing a stool. ( will be posting something myself about that) The dietician also said if they are showing signs of wanting food and we miss them or with hols solids then we could miss the chance for easy and successful weaning. I dont know anyone who has lasted until 6 months. Just stick to basic individul foods to start with and see hoe it goes. good luck. I hope it helps. Never let anyone make you feel guilty for the choices you make. You know your baby best

hunkermunker Sat 02-Apr-05 20:35:57

Can I just say that there's no such 'window of opportunity' for easy weaning.

donnacb Sat 02-Apr-05 21:41:21

just passing on what the dietician has said. 1st baby so i take all the advice i can get

Podmog Sat 02-Apr-05 22:00:40

Message withdrawn

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