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Have I done the right thing?

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BorgLady Mon 12-Jan-09 11:20:27

I was intending to EBF for the first six months and then have a go at BLW.

But over Christmas, when DS turned five months, things got very difficult and he was up in the night every half hour for a feed and was very unhappy most of the day, really unlike himself. I didn't like to see him like that.

I was persuaded by my HV that the six month thing was only a guideline and that as DS is a big boy (9lb2oz at birth, consistently 75th centile for weight and off the centile chart on height) I should start him on some puree.

So, I did. As I'm sure everyone here has experienced, there are no shortage of people who will tell you that they weaned their babies at 12 weeks and they were perfectly fine, and I thought on balance, one month wasn't the end of the world and if it made DS happier, then a guideline was not reason enough to keep him hungry.

Feeding went very well. He really enjoys eating, takes the spoon from my hand and feeds himself, then hands it back to me for reloading, so I can console myself there is at least an element of BLW in there. He's now eating two meals a day, two half jars of two different flavours (or my own if I've had time to make it, which isn't often I'm ashamed to say blush) each meal, eating it all up mostly.

His sleeping got much better. However, the last couple of nights, it's started again. He's been up every half hour for BF and really won't settle very well. Nights are a bit of a trial, to say the least.

Also, he's suddenly COVERED in eczema. I have some Oilatum from the HV but it's not really helping. Is this caused by him not being ready for solids?

I am a bit wracked with guilt and I want some advice please. Also, about his sleeping ... any advice there? Am I doing the right thing by BF every time he cries? My DP has to work so I don't want him kept awake all night by DS, but I'm not sure if I feel comfortable about letting DS cry, as he can and will do so non-stop for hours. He's a strong willed little boy!

TIA all!

mookickkick Mon 12-Jan-09 13:15:13

Hi there. I've noticed DD (27 wks) has been all over the place in terms of eating and sleeping for the past month or so. We gave formula top-ups to help with the all-evening waking thing and waited to wean, so I can't help you there I'm afraid. However, you shouldn't beat yourself about weaning earlier. It may be just one kind of food causing the eczema so you just need to do some detective work. Wheat is a common culprit. Also, the weather has been very dry and my own hands are cracking.

As for the BF business, I always offer a boob when DD wakes up crying, but if she is just babbling or rolling over, then I try to settle her by placing my hand on her tummy and shushing her a bit. Would it help if you gave an extra milk feed during the day? It may be a growth spurt. We had one around 6 months. Or teething. DD has two bottom teeth and was very unsettled when they broke through.

Good luck! I know it's hard when you aren't getting enough sleep, but take a deep breath and tell yourself it'll pass.

bubbleymummy Mon 12-Jan-09 22:46:00

Dairy is also a big eczema culprit. What is he eating so far?

BorgLady Tue 13-Jan-09 15:49:46

Thanks for your replies. He hasn't eaten any dairy at all, just fruit and veg pureed with the occasional bit of fish/chicken to try the taste. I have been very careful to keep off dairy as he is EBF and his dad had a milk allergy as a child (vomiting, not a rash).

HV thoght he might be too warm in his Grobag, though I never have the heating on at night. She has advised me to take him to the GP, which I will try tomorrow when he is back from his holidayhmm.

I've also tried changing my washing liquid, in case it's that, and am now checking everything for wheat and gluten.

Had a better night last night, I did as you suggested moo, and tried settling him a couple of times without BF. It worked! Couldn't believe it. He still woke hungry a few times, but I was getting two hours of sleep between, that's good enough for me!

mookickkick Wed 14-Jan-09 12:57:16

Glad to hear things are going better for you! smile

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