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What are the best pasta shapes

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jojoisamum Thu 01-Jan-09 13:55:43

to give? want to introduce pasta but not sure what shapes. also, when you started did you give sauce or just pasta on its own?

ruddynorah Thu 01-Jan-09 13:59:52

fusilli (the twists)

sauce fine, think i gave pesto first.

mookickkick Fri 02-Jan-09 13:58:22

my nephew loved wheel-shaped pasta!

babyOcho Fri 02-Jan-09 14:03:52

We gave fusili, easier for them to hold to begin with.

No sauce, lots of olive oil and a bit of black pepper, but mainly because we were on holiday and there wasn't anything else sauce wise to give her that was low salt, she was 6.5 months at the time.

A quick and easy pasta thing is to stir in some Philly to the pasta whilst still hot.

blinks Fri 02-Jan-09 14:04:20

pasta shapes in blended sauce or shapes on own from 6/7 months

puddock Sat 03-Jan-09 12:27:36

Am doing BLW with my 6.5 month old, but paed has told me to avoid wheat for a while, which is a right pain when it comes to pasta. However, the colourful corn+vegetable fusilli you can get in Holland and Barratt has gone down very well - no sauce yet, but will try the philly trick.

backalleysally Sat 03-Jan-09 12:40:15

As finger food I give my DD plain penne as its easy for her to grip.
If im giving pasta as a meal to be spoon fed I use soup pasta as its small enough for her to chew and serve it with a sauce.
I usually make a tomato, cheese and veg sauce and blitz it in a blender until smooth.
Then freeze portions of the sauce to be used when needed.

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