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Weaning a 10 month old breastfed baby

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thesoo Wed 10-Dec-08 09:29:09


I have breastfed my daughter since she was born, she is now just over 10 months and I am preparing to go back to work. I am a bit confused about how much milk she should be getting. I have started to introduce a little formula in the hope of weaning before her first birthday as I would like to try for another baby. Her current diet looks like this.

Early morning breastfeed.
Breakfast - Cereal and fruit, mixed with 100ml breastmilk or formula.
Lunch - vegetables and fish with baby custard, I usually offer water here.
Mid afternoon breastfeed.
Tea - similar to lunch with some cheese and yoghurt.
Breastfeed before bed.

She has recently dropped a mid morning breastfeed too.

Should my daughter be drinking more milk than this? Should I recplace the recently dropped feed with formula?
My daughter wll be going to nursery in 1 month and I am wondering how many oz formula/ breastmilk I should be providing for her each day?

Any advice gratefully received.


toomuchempathy Wed 10-Dec-08 16:00:29

need to look at current advice re milk/ formula as expect it has changed in last 15 years . Both my dd has their last B/f at @1 year but one has the early morning one as the last and the other the night time one. don't see why you should stop either of these yet or even when at nursery as it tops up any lack in day . As long as she is happy and thriving it looks fine. mine went straight to water/ juice/ & cows milk (after one year) as having all nutrients in cheese & yogurt ect. Suggest you give as varied a diet as possible- my two eat more variety than me as i was determined they would try everything as babies !!

thesoo Wed 10-Dec-08 17:16:56

Thanks for this. She does enjoy quite a varied diet, but I just get a bit concerned that something gets lost in the mix! I want to be sure she is getting enough nutrients through milk for her age and that we are getting the balance right between now and her 1st birthday

noramum Mon 15-Dec-08 15:45:18

When I swapped breast for bottle I just gave formula instead of a breastfeed.

The recommendation is that until 1 they should drink at least 1 pint per day. Mine never really was into it but as she was fine with gaining weight, being happy and healthy the HV wasn't concerned. The only recommendation was giving vitamin drops.

By 10 month she had 1 bottle in the morning, afternoon and for bedtime, a total of maybe 13-15oz. I didn't use formula for her porridge, she hated the taste, I used cows milk (appr. 2oz).

I did 7oz bottles for the nursery but only during growth spurs she drunk more than 5oz. Or she didn't like the food they offered.

If your DD already skiped milk feeds she may not be too happy getting them back in form of bottles. Or she wouldn't eat lunch because she will not be hungry anymore.

I would give it a go and see what happens. Maybe she will guzzle down full bottles and you will ask yourself what you worried about :-).

ilovetochatupsanta Mon 15-Dec-08 15:48:15

i am just weaning off m 17 month old but from 12 months i dropped the daytime feeds and just bf morn and night and gave water in the day.

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