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some BLW basic questions for a first timer

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Fourteeth Tue 02-Dec-08 16:38:31

hi there,

apologies for rubbish typing am feeding at same time...

BLW with 6 month old just started and going well with roast veg, steamed veg and rice cakes. But am really confused about what its ok to give him:

bread i.e gluten?

i found this dutch website with a list of foods it's ok to feed it excludes quite few things and i had thought i could give him almost anything barring salt and sugar. was i wrong?

also, should i be sterilising his water cup? he doesn't use a bottle.

and finally, he is exclusively BW, if you can bear to be descriptive, what did your DS's poo look like at the start of BLW? mine has quite pasty/runny yellow ones with increasingly more bits and browny colour but still not solid at all. this sound ok?

thank you so much if you have any wise words...

LuckySalem Tue 02-Dec-08 16:40:49

Firstly - Poo sounds about right.

Secondly - My way of weaning is if i'd eat it and its not got honey, nuts, lots of salt or sugar or "E" numbers in its cool

DD has had steak before grin

Fourteeth Tue 02-Dec-08 16:48:24

ok glad you think the poo sounds familiar...

how old is your ds? where did you go to for advice about blw?

i'd love to start going for it with all foods but concerned about allergies etc Is there such a thing as a rulebook???!

LuckySalem Tue 02-Dec-08 16:50:07

DD is now 10 months but from about 7 months she was eating EVERYTHING.

Aitch has a website

try that.

Fourteeth Tue 02-Dec-08 18:50:38

thanks yes I have seen that website and its been really useful. That's where I got the link to the Dutch website that advises an order for foods introduced. But it looks to me like opinion is divided about how to introduce foods? Am I right? So I need to decide what suits us? I'm a bit sleep deprived at the moment so not finding it easy to read everything and get it straight in my head!!

ruddynorah Tue 02-Dec-08 19:00:28

it sounds like you're looking for a more methodical approach. blw doesn't really ave that as such.

you just start how you like. someone on here gave spag bol for their dc's first meal. others give bits of fruit or veg, others give toast or whatever they happen to be having.

some start giving only something at lunch time, others at every meal.

the key really is just make a variety of food available and let your baby pick at what they want.

monkeysmama Mon 15-Dec-08 20:34:24

Thingy Rapley's book on BLW is quite useful - you'll find it on Amazon. It doesn't give recipes but has lots of useful info and does have a list of good BLW foods. I started late November, and dd is still only breast fed too (i.e only has my breast milk & some water now - no formula). Her poo ranges from yellow with lunps to really green and thick some days. It seems to be like that after she's eaten banana! Good luck - I am very pleased we decided to do BLW. Dd's loving it! smilegrin

Fourteeth Tue 16-Dec-08 15:25:19

Thanks Monkeysmama. we've got the book and are now well into BLW and having lots of fun along the way! it really is great watching them trying new foods and getting their heads around more and more tastes and sensations smile

boogeek Tue 16-Dec-08 15:39:15

The schedule on the Dutch site is for babies where there is a family history of allergies iirc - so for people being careful. If you and yours are all fine, go for it.

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